Monday, December 28, 2009

1/8th scale B1-B Project

I have been following this build thread on RC Universe in the Jets Forum for some time now. Now they have a actual website up and running (see both links below). Bob Moore and his dad do updates on RCU as well as make YouTube videos of their progress.

This baby is HUGE! It is 1/8th scale. Overall length is 214.25" with a wing span of 205.75". And it will have actual swing wings, scale like bomb bays, retracts, etc. It is made out of Blue Styrofoam. For power - actual miniature turbines in the form of four Jetcat P200s.

Quoting the website itself: The first flight will be scheduled sometime around late April 2010. The airstrip is located at Stephens County Airport in Breckenridge, TX. This will be one of many test flights before it is unveiled at Dyess Air Force Base for the 25th Anniversary of the B-1B’s delivery into operation.

Ref. RC Universe Forums>Jets> (

Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Becomes 007! Funny Video

Found this little bit of Christmas cheer on spy-fi channel blog. Entitled "Christmas-Royale." Have fun and enjoy.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gun Sales Up - Murders Going Down. Duh!

Latest FBI data has slap the Gun Controllers in the face. They have long believed (and demaned that we, the general public, listened to their wise council); that more guns mean more violent crimes.

Quote: After several years of crime rates holding relatively steady, the FBI is reproting that violent crimes - including gun crimes - dropped dramatically in the first six months of 2009, with murder down 10 percent across the US as a whole.

Concurrently, the FBI reports that gun sales - especially of assault-style rifles and handguns, the two main targets of gun-control groups - are up at least 12 percent nationally since the election of President Obama, a dramatic run on guns prompted in part by so-far-unwarranted fears that Democrats in Congress and the White House will curtail gun rights and carve apart the Second Amendment.

So - this just doesn't stop the gun control freaks. They claim some allowance for possible deterrent to criminals who think twice about robbing someone. News reports lately have been consumer report types of which stores has which type of ammunition and costs per box.

Ref. Interested-Participant blog, December 23, 2009. ( image is from same site.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlie Chan Update

Well, I still need to do the eyes. But overall, the figure is coming along nicely.

But I havefinally managed to get a white suit for him. Check out the photos. Hes looking pretty good - basically a buff Charlie Chan. I still need to get a fat suit for him, but after getting this suit, I really don't see how I can pull it off but to leave the jacket unbutton.

Also, the black bowler hat that came from the 007 figure Oddjob will need to be painted white to match the suit. And I think it would be better to find a blue or even black tie. And I still need to come up with some shoes for him.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures taken this morning.

And for those of you who noticed the desktop image on my laptop in the background. Thats Dean Martin as Matt Helm from "The Silencers." Thats my next project if I can come across the head sculpt that comes close to ole Dino.

Right2link(Dot)org Video


Monday, December 14, 2009

Chad Vader Latest Vid

Chad Vader. Long May He Live! You have to watch this latest video of his entitled: Chad Vader gets freak-ay.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scramble - The Movie for RCers to have fun with

Found this in the February 2010 issue of FlyRC magazine. A live action cartoon movie with lots of rc model airplanes in it.

Listed below is the press kit from their website. By the way, its a movie for the entire family.

SCRAMBLE! is “the Rapunzel story” - in (a contemporary, generic, U. S.), high school - during the Battle of Britain (plus the Cold War). - Simple.

Teenagers see the familiar fairy tale, - with a pep-rally, which proves to be quite popular with girls in test audiences.

Aviation history fans will recognize it as a review of 20th century aerospace technological evolution (and some referenced major events).

Aviatiors, such as members of the Civil Air Patrol, will see the exciting contemporary merging of technologies (such as telepresense, Light Sport Aircraft, and electric engines).

Radio Control builders and pilots will see the movie showing rc’s development (small balsa and paper to 23 foot wingspan four engine giants, to turbine jets and on-board cameras), and its growing international popularity, respect, and potential.

Teachers, will see something very rare: a movie that inspires students to learn and models good behavior.

Parents can see it as the cautionary tale that the original “Rapunzel” was intended to be.

Capital Media Enterprise, Inc.
(804) 751-1295

Ref. magazine Fly RC (

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Save the SEALS from PC Bull S**T!

Update (December 12, 2009): Please follow this link to sign a Petition to save these guys! (

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Musings Before I Turn Fifty

I thought that I would post some thoughts in the last two weeks before I turn 50 years old.

Just before Thanksgiving this past month, I almost lost my job because I had to yell back at a customer to break her rant against Cable Company(CC) to tell her that CC would get a phone tech out to her place the very next day. She had built up a whole lot of stream. I put her on hold while I fixed up the trouble ticket, got the supervisor that she demanded and all that was waiting for her - but she was more interested in her rant than what she called in about.

Plus the fact I now have to use either the words "Frustrated" or "Annoyed" somewhere in my call or be fired from my job - because I do not show enough empathy in my calls! This incident where I was almost was fired convinced me that I am feed up with CC Digital Voice telephone system. I asked to be included in the next internet training class our call center will have in the next month or two. I'm feed up with the Spoiled Generation. By the way, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y, and Z or whatever they are going to call them by; are really spoiled!

I have just reached my limit with folks calling in and expecting that they have 'X' can get them moved to the head of the line. 'X' being a new born baby, or a senior citizen, or a dog with a hangnail, etc. Whatever the caller thinks 'X' is and he/she can tell the agent(me), can get them moved ahead of some previous customer who also pulled the 'X' stunt to get to the head of the line. Back when I did do the internet, we would get some stuck up A-hole who would threaten to sue CC for lost of salary because without the internet, they had lost $25,000 today. "I lost $60,000 today because CC could not keep its damn internet up and running," etc. Well, that Cable Company does have a Business side. But if you are using the residential account/and modems on that residential account... that's just tough. Just asked for the Legal Demands phone number and you can be set straight.

But it was after Thanksgiving that I realized that that call took place on the one year anniversary of my eviction from my house last year. In another week, it will be the one year anniversary of selling off my radio control model airplanes to purchase a 1973 Apollo Neptune RV that had to be towed to my property. And by the end of December, 2009; that will mark the six month point that I have been living in said RV.

Today, I woke up to snow on the ground and that I was going to have to go into work today after shutting off my electricity at the pole (how else can I get a $35.00 month electrical bill - and that includes my $10.00 reconnect fee). When I return from work tonight, the inside temperature will be about freezing. It will take the entire night with my two electric air-radiator heaters to warm the place back up to the high 50s or low 60s Fahrenheit.

And lets not forget my 1994 Ford F-150 pickup has decided to start breaking down now. A windshield wiper motor that doesn't work. A horn all of a sudden that doesn't sound. And the most annoying thing of all - the driver side interior door handle that breaks off, it seems on a annual basis. Poor engineering design I guess. Actually, this last time around, I purchased a metal handle and it lasted about 18 months now if my memory serves me correctly. But still - the damn door handle keeps breaking off. In order to get out of the vehicle, I have to lower the side window and reach around with my left hand to open the exterior door handle in order to exit the vehicle. Basically - its like I'm driving a 1930/1940s era pickup truck as far as that door handle goes.

Well, it sucks to be poor in America. I have to wait another 10+ years before I can start to get goodies to help me out since I am about to become a "Senior Citizen." I don't have any tataoos, but I sure am living the Poor White Trash lifestyle. Because I want to hole onto my land - and that land payment takes enough out of my paycheck that it prevents me from being able to get a apartment. Then again, I'm still dealing with my gasoline bills from 2008.

Then again, one can consider this posting to be "my rant," like that woman caller I had to deal with last week. A means to vent while I freeze this week.

NOTE TO SELF: Be careful of what I write. I returned home tonight and when I turned my heaters on - ooops, both outlets no longer work. I still have lights, but now no heat. And the lights flicker! I will have to bundle up like I did at the start of this year when I spent New Years eve and New Years Day in this thing.

NOTE TO SELF #2: Remember where the darn internal circuit breaker switches are in your RV. Found them in the back of the closet and I once again have some heat.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ark Of The Covenant - In Yemen Now?

Checking out some archaeology sites on the web, I came across this interesting article posted on November 1, 2008 on

Seems like a shard was found by a teenage volunteer on a dig about 12 miles south-west of Jerusalem. On that shard were symbols of an ancient alphabet that is referred to as either proto-Canaanite or First Tongue.

Hebrew University researchers said the shard was written about 3,000 years ago - or about 1,000 years before the Dead Sea Scrolls. Thus, that just about corresponds to the era of the First Temple, ruled by the biblical figures of David; Solomon and used by the Queen of Sheba (who was supposed to have been married to King Solomon) in what is now Yemen.

The Yemen language scripts are written in the same alphabet, translated, and using ancient Hebrew; the shard describes the burial of the Ark of Moses at a site near Mareb -- in the ancient kingdom known as Saba (aka Sheba).

And in typical CYA mode, the scientists with the Hebrew University state that further study will be needed to understand this new information.

Well, this website provides a illustration of the different lettering used and translations from Hebrew to English as well. Almost everybody knows the general story from several movies over the past decades about King Solomon and Queen Sheba. Basically, Queen Sheba was invited to visit King Solomon, and they were married and had a son name Menelik.

The viewzone article talks about researchers Gary Vey and John McGovern had uncovered the palace of the Queen, in Mareb, Yemen. That palace bares inscriptions in the same alphabet that describe the relocation of the (in)famous Ark of the Covenant to the site Menelik following the destruction of Jerusalem.

Queen Sheba it seems instructed some followers that her son and the Ark were to be buried in a chamber until such time might transpire for that chamber to be re-opened. The buried son and Ark were covered with sand for an unknown length of time to avoid the folks who had attacked the Temple in Israel. Not content to rest there, they then travel down to Mareb. The texts state how Sheba initially had the buried chamber constructed in such a manner that it could be disassembled quickly to save her son (i.e they did not use any mortar).

Later, it describes how the chamber remained silent for along time, and how a worm crawled out of it - and thus Sheba had to decide whether or not to open it back up prematurely to save her son. Or have faith in his prophecy that the Ark would preserve him, no matter how long he remained buried.

Ultimately, the Queen of Sheba had faith, but constructed a better, more fortified chamber around the older one. With a large wall as a barrier against the possible rupture of the great Mareb Dam. By the way, that dam did break and flood the land several times. Eventually, the sand covered and hid the entire structure in sand. And as such, she(Sheba) had to move her kingdom to Ethiopia. The language changed over time to Himyaridic - all the better that the son and the Ark would remain in secret and unmolested. A 'copy' of the Ark - the "box of El" was built as a red herring and it remains in Ethiopia today.

For more information, please check out the original article on

Ref. ( image from same website.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Warrior Project song

The Warrior Project song.

Mike Kaminski as General George S. Patton

It's unreal how close this Mike Kaminski got to George C. Scott/General George S. Patton. It is a worthy video to watch. Enjoy and fell proud to be a American while fighting in the War on Terrorism (or whatever politically correct term we are suppose to use right now with President Obama in the White House).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanking a Veteran today!

You see the fellow in the top picture frame to the left? Thats my Dad - Bert Shanks, USAAF, World War Two veteran. He was never sent overseas. He served on what was called - The Home Front. He was a airplane mechanic working on AT-6s, BT-13s, B-25s, B-17s, and finally, B-29s.

In fact, he was going through update training and was about to be shipped out to Saipan island when the two atomic bombs were dropped. So, the war ended and he was discharged from military service. He worked as a teacher, met my mother. Got married. Eventually, I appeared on the scene. By then, he was working for the Texas Highway Department until the day he retired.

He is dead now having passed away back in the summer of 2007. Miss him and my mother big time.

He instilled in me a strong love of country. Of respect for those who served in our nations military. So, if you have the chance to do so today, thank a vet for their service.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Additional Pictures from West Texas Comic Con

Some additional photographs that I took at the West Texas Comic Con 2009.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

West Texas Comic Con(2009)

The West Texas Comic Con(2009) was held yesterday at the Lubbock Science Spectrum Center. I spent the entire day there just sitting with a friend and watching the world go by his table.

Will Terrell, the founder of theLubbock Sketch Club, the Creator of his own web comicknown as "Super Zeros" did the official poster for the event. Members of the 501st Legion out of Abilene, Texas, were in attendance. They are a part of a international organization of "Star Wars" cosplayers. And they wore their costumes. There was even an "inspection tour" by none other Darth Vader! A independent film company out of Austin, Texas, known as Twitchy Dolphin Flix. They were showing their movie "Funny Books" at this convention.

Please visit the Lubbockonline blog (see link below) for more details of the guests who where in attendance. But in this posting of mine, I want to post some pictures that I took at this event. Enjoy.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Submerged Mayan Ruins Discovered!

Roberto Samayoa - a businessman and recreational diver who likes to explore picturesque Lake Atitlan, Guatemala made a discovery 12 years ago in 1996, that underwater archaeologists are now finally getting around to exploring. The 400-square-meter area has been mapped with sonar and the parts of the complex that is above water are being excavated.

What would any self respecting discoverer would do on making such a discovery? Why name it after himself of course. The site is currently name Samabaj. There are parts of buildings, huge ceremonial stones known as stelae.

Researchers believe that this area, now 50-feet below the lake's surface, was once an island until a catastropic event took place. Maybe a volcanic eruption or a landside that raised the water level of the lake. The raising lake appears to have taken place about 250 AD - which is before the height of the Mayan Empire. Ceramics found intact there suggest that the inhabitants had to leave in a hurry.

The exact location of the site is a secret to protect it from looters who fish in the ruins for artifacts to be sold on the blackmarket - sometimes for thousands of dollars.

For more information, please use the link below.

___ October 30, 2009. "Divers probe Mayan ruins submerged in Guatemala lake." by Sarah Grainger (

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Matt Helm Movie - 2010?

I was bored and decided to do a websearch on Matt Helm after re-reading Death of a Citizen this past week at work.

According to the Hollywood North Report (dot) Com article of October 19, 2009; Paramount is moving forward with their Matt Helm project. The new director for the project will be Gary Ross (who did "Pleasantville").

This latest version of Matt Helm is suppose to be closer to the original novels in a Jason Bourne-like manner than the 1960s Dean Martin version. Producers for this film will be Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci ("Transformers" and "Star Trek" respectively). Production will take place in the summer of 2010. The screenplay will be by Paul Attanasio.

UPDATE: Further research has come up with a possible lead actor to play the role of the famous secret agent. One Bradley Cooper.

Ref. Hollywood North Report, October 19, 2009. (
Wikipedia-Matt Helm. (
image is of Dean Martin.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Creative Editing - Charlton Heston as Indiana Jones!

Creative Editing - Charlton Heston as Indiana Jones!

Check out this video on by Paul Tassi. Editng clips together, he manage to create a 1950s era looking "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie serial. Entitled Indiana Jones 1954. Posted on September 16, 2009.

Now, the movie that the clips that Tassi used were of a Charlton Heston movie "Secret of the Incas" that Lucas and Speilberg USED as the basis for Indiana Jones. By the way, Heston's character goes by the name of Harry Steele - an American two-fisted adventuer who has the lovely Elena Antonescu (played by actress Nicole Maurey).


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

July4Patriot Call To Arms! A real Marine or Not?

Given that this was originally posted back in February of this year - it might be a little late. There was another video posted on May 5, 2009. You should check that one out as well.

But I must say that July4Patriot's words are quite impassioned, but well spoken. And Those Words Are Correct For ALL AMERICANS.

Is he a real Marine? You the viewer will have to make that gut check on your own. But the revolution will be broadcast on YouTube. I have no doubt about that!

Ref. YouTube (
May 5, 2009 post (

Monday, October 12, 2009

101 Images of Princess Leia - Oh Yeah!

Luke Skywalker and his friend (and future sister) Princess Leia Organia escaping from Jabba the Hutt's barge, while still wearing the (in)famous metal bikini.

What human male of the heterosexual kind, doesn't like seeing pictures of Princess Leia Organia in her Jabba the Hutt slave uniform? I should have known that there would be actual websites devoted to her image in the metal bikini. One such website is also included below.

Please use the link below to view all 101 versions of the Princess - good imposter's one and all

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charlie Chan Sketch

This is my Charlie Chan Sketchcard blown up to a larger image. Enjoy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to the Terminator - How It SHould Have Ended

I found this funny video over on The Jawa Report. If you need a laugh and are a fan of both the Back to the Future trilogy of films and the Terminator movies - this is a MUST SEE!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Right-Wing 'Terrorists' Are At It Again (Supposely)

Check out the article by World Net Daily entitled "Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists'" by Bob Unruth. Seems there is a private (leftist) activist
organization trying to pick up the football where the Department of Homeland Security dropped theirs earlier this year.

The Southern Poverty Law Center issue their own 2009 "Intelligence Report" aimed for police offices, sheriffs, and other law enforcement personnel across the nation.

That intelligence report groups various organizations such as Oathkeepers (whose mainly miliatary and law enforcement members pledge to uphold their constitutional duties, including the suty to question and refuse what appear to be illegitimate orders) is lumped together with those individuals interested in joining a milita. Or becomin
g a white supremacists. Or a anti-semite. Or a Tax Protestor. Or any number of other things that are considered to be of a radical right political though process. Oh, yeah, and these 'terrorists' are supporters of such things as individual rights of gun ownership as contained in the Second Amendment.

Lets pretend we are Jeff Foxworthy and do the following...

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you oppose same-sex marriage.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you oppose the policies of the Dear Leader (aka: President Obama) in reguards to immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs, can & trade, healthcare and that list goes on and on.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you don't trust foreign regimes and fear Communist regimes as well.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you oppose a "one world" government.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you speak about how far the US has decline in stature in the rest of the world.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you love Chuck Norris.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you suport what Glenn Beck says about anything. (NOTE: By the Way, have you seen his latest book? Arguing with Idiots - How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government. Love the cover.)

That last statement is a good segway into a quote that I'm pulling from that article...

Under the headline "Going Feral," the SPLC warning to police quotes personalities such as Fox News host Glenn Beck, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and actor Chuck Norris.

"It's like Thomas Jefferson said, a revolution every now and then is a good thing. We are at the point ... of revolution. And by that, what I mean [is] an orderly revolution, where the people of this country wake up and get up and make a decision that this is not going to happen on their watch," the warning quoted Bachmann, R-Minn.

Norris, in a WND column in March, wrote, "How much more will Americans take? When will enough be enough? And, when that time comes, will our leaders finally listen or will history need to record a second American Revolution?"

Actor Chuck Norris also had something else to say about the 9/12 protests across the country recently...

"On Sept. 12, 2002, we sought to protect our nation against terrorists from without. Beginning on Sept. 12, 2009, we are seeking to protect our nation against enemies of our republic from within. Many of us are protesting the present political direction of Washington. Outrageous borrowing, excessive bailouts, massive spending, speedball stimulus plans … swings toward socialism are just a few of things that were protested that day. Of course, economics is far from America's only problem, as large as it appears to loom," Norris wrote.

"I want to emphasize: this revolutionary movement is not solely an independent, Republican or Democrat fight. It represents patriots fed up against modernists who seek to overturn almost every principle and tenet laid down by our country's founders at the inception of our republic. From the East Coast to the 'Left Coast,' America seems to be moving further and further from its founders' vision and government," he said. ....Chuck Norris.

Ref., Sept 25, 2009 "Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists' by Bob Unruth. (

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nazca-Like Lines in Kazakhstan

Geoglyphs, very similar to those found in Nazca Peru; have been discovered in Kazakhstan. The actual site is in the remote Karatau Mountains in the southern region of Kazakhstan. Geoglyphs are drawings created on the ground by arranging stones and or removing the top layers of earth. These designs can covered really large areas.

Recently disclosed by Kazakhstan officials appear to show a humanoid figure between two unusual structures.

What do lines in the ground matter to those who are interested in UFOs? Because it might mean such markers were created by anicent peoples for the benefits of the "Sky Gods" (aka Extraterrestrials). World War Two produced the Cargo Cults among the island natives who never know about such things as airplanes. Geolyphs are just the more ancient version of this phenomenon.

From the posted article on All News Web(dot)com, the Kazhakstan government is toying with ideas like creating a UFO landing field and building a alien embassy. It seems, that UFO sightings and activity have been increasing in that nation for some time.

Ref. All News Web. "UFO Mysteries: 'Nazca Lines' discovered in Kazakhstan." By Michael Cohen. September 22, 2009. ( September 24, 2009 (
Heritage-Key(dot)com. (
above, thanks to photojournalist N. Dorogov.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jonny Quest - 45 Years old Today

September 18, 1964.

Hanna-Barbera Productions released to my generation, and all future generations; the amazing cartoon series officially known as The Adventures of Jonny Quest. Its a science fiction/adventure animated television series about a young boy who tags along with this father - scientist Benton C. Quest.

Jonathan "Jonny" Quest is a 11-year old boy who manages to help his father solve crimes and other adventures.

Dr. Benton C. Quest is Jonny's father - a top leader of world scientists who has a wide range of knowledge in many fields of studies. With the death of his wife (and Jonny's mother) established in the very first episode, this lead to the assignment of a bodyguard to the family...

Roger T. "Race" Bannon is a special agent/bodyguard/pilot to the Quest family from a (presumed U.S. government agancy known as Intelligence One). The character sketches were based on the actor Jeff Chandler. Race has a old girl fiend by the name of Jade who shows up from time to time to make Race's life interesting. Another little bit of trivia - The blonde headed G.I. Joe figure in the 1960s had a bit of Jeff Chandler's look as well.

Hadji - is a orphan from Calcutta, also 11-years old. Eventually, he would be adopted by Dr. Benton Quest. His favorite tag line from the series was "Sim, sim, salabim." We learn in a sequel series that Hadji is some sort of Indian prince who has the last name of Singh.

Finally, there is the pet bulldog known as Bandit due to the black-like mask around his eyes.

The Quest family came from the Florida Keys (island of Palm Key specifically).

There is one recurring bad guy in the series known as Dr. Zin. A asian mastermind almost the equal of Dr. Quest.

For the time period, the Hanna-Barbera's artists did a fairly realistic depiction of human figures and objects with limited animation techniques. The series had a rich music score, scene-toscene dissolves, abreviated dialogue to keep the story moving forward, without extensive new animation of figures for the storyline.

Jonny Quest first aired on September 18, 1964 on ABC in prime time and was a instant success with critics and in the ratings. But the show was cancelled after one season due to the cost overruns for each episode that was produced. And like Star Trek, in syndication, it was a huge profit maker.

There was another Jonny Quest series in the 1990s (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest). Talk of a Jonny Quest movie comes up now and then.

So, a salute to a grand old cartoon series, Heres (to) Jonny!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dragnet Detectives set Obama Right


As a kid, I remember watching the show. In fact, I get called on the carpet at work for "not showing any Empthy" in my job at the call center I work in. I'm like Jack Webb & Henry Morgan. "Just give me the facts and I'll solve your problem lady or I'll send a tech out to your place."

I happened across this YouTube video on fromthefoothills blog. It says all the rights things that need to be said. And the way it is edited, you see the two Detectives talking to one President Barrack H. Obama. Giving him a must deserved dressing down. Video created by a Tammy Bruce.



Friday, August 28, 2009

Battletech - As rich a Universe as Star Trek/Star Wars Has!

Battletech - As rich a Universe as Star Trek/Star Wars Has!

So - why hasn't Battletech made it to the big screen yet? Maybe its too big? The universe to detail and rich for just a mere two hour flick or sci-fi escapism. Battletech was originally created and put out by FASA. Now it is joined "owned" by Wizkids and Catalyst Games. I didn't realized, but on July 16, 2009 this year marked the 25th anniversary of the game launch.

This scene from the computer game "Mechwarrior 4: Vengence" was actually the only computer game that I ever enjoyed playing from start to finished. ( As you can see and hear from the view - this would make a great movie or TV series.

So why not?

Why am I asking this question? Because every now and then I end up making trouble I guess.

Actually, I happened to drop by the local gaming shop today and while looking through what they had, noticed some new Battletech books put out by Catalyst Games. I ended up putting down $50 bucks for the fourth book in the rules series entitle Battletech: Strategic Operations. I had the first two books in the series(Total Warfare and Tech Manual). Skipped the third (Tactical Operations Manual). I'm now rethinking my decision to skip it. I'll just have to wait until my next paycheck to see if I can indulge into the war gaming hobby again. Remember, each one of these books cost $50.00. If you were to buy all four at the same time - your dropping $200.00. on the game.

I have two fishing tackle boxes still full of the metal minis - most of them painted. Even have some of the original lead miniatures. (Don't worry, I will not let any two or three year old chew on them). But I loved assembling those minis and painting them. I bought multiples of the same mech to have opposing forces. Sadly - I was the only one in my gaming circle that really went into the game at all. My friends MIGHT indulge my a odd game or two once or twice a year. But I went so far as to build 3d terrain to set up a gaming table.

I miss those days as I get older. Like today, I get the urge to dig that stuff out of storage and just look at the minis or read the books.

Anyway, I thought that I would make a change of pace posting in this blog.

Ref. Wikipedia page on Battletech (
Classic Battletech ( - site for the classic 1/285th scale battletech miniatures and new ones. (

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can Anybody Say "Hitler Youth"?

Check out this article on USA Now re-read my title and make your own connection. In the photo to the left here, just replace Adolf Hitler with Herr Obama.

The government is out to make your kids into snitches! To report on good ole Mom and Dad. Their school teacher, basketball coach, etc., etc. Then there is the ACORN goon squads that are suppose to be working the Census this time around. And they are going to be butting their noses into your home to get more information than just the number of people living under your roof.

Beware of this new generation of Brown Shirts is all I have to say!

Ref. USA article "Students take-home Assignment: Census kids" by Haya El Nasser. August 27, 2009. (

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Year Anniversary for my First Blog

One Year and almost one month in the Blogosphere. Check out my posting on my first blog with this link (

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Baroness Has Arrived!

The Baroness!

Ok - I posted news about this figure several months ago. I had the opportunity to actually order her and I did. And I am now glad that I did order this figure.

However, there are some folks out there - for whatever reason has a hangover from the 2008 Presidential election. And with some (I think) mean spirit ness, have compared this figure to one former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. In fact, there was a side-by-side picture I found on one of the action figure forums that I go to and I am sorry not to have remember where and
who created this picture that is included with this post.

However, after examining the figure up close, the head sculpt does come too close to looking like the good governor. Now, the question comes up...

Was Hasbro, or the artist who crafted the head sculpt, making a political statement? And was that statement a good one or a bad one? Now - the (
removable) glasses are different from those that Sarah Palin wears. And the hair color is different. The Baroness is suppose to be working for the terrorist organization known as COBRA. And if you want to learn more about that (as in, where the hell have you been for the past 20 years??) Anyway, just check out the movie: G.I.Joe. The Rise of Cobra. That movie was good - a live action cartoon show which is what I thought it would turn into.

But, getting back to the Baroness/Sarah Palin connection... I mean really, what was the point of it if it was done on purposed! Those who like Sarah Palin will like the figure. Those who do not like Sarah Palin will be evenly spilt I think on it. Black hair and black suit - well, that still usually represent evil or being the bad guys - even in the 21st century. Didn't Chuck Norris prove that good guys can wear black as well?

Anyway, I just thought that I would make a post on the subject. In other action figure news, I finally have a body for my Charlie Chan project. I even fixed up a funny joint picture of him and the Baroness together.

If you are offened by doll nuidty - too bad! Its a great joke and had to be done.

Plus, I finally got the Playmates (new) 12" James T. Kirk action figure to finally join my Doctor "Bones" McCoy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama + (the) Joker = Socialism

Obama + (the) Joker = Socialism.

Saw this article on the Drudge Report and thought that I wanted to stick that poster onto my blog here as well.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Matt Helm and UFO TV series coming back as movies

I discovered over on the Spy-Fi Channel blog this article about Steven Spielberg might be the director for a revival of the Matt Helm character. Matt Helm was the creation of author Donald Hamilton.

Its unclear if he will actually do the project. The character will be updated for the new century (no longer a government assassin from World War Two/Cold War era). There is a script by Paul Attanasio that will make this "Helm" closer to what we have seen in "The Bourne Identity." Then, for me, the actor has to be very good to make me consider someone else for the role of Matt Helm other than old Dino (aka, Dean Martin) himself.

Then, I remembered seeing a blurb about someone wanting to remake the famous Gerry Anderson "UFO" series. Variety news says that visual effects "guru" Matthew Gratzner has been wanting to make a big screen adpation of that tv series. A script has been written by Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek. Gratzner's studio, New Deal Studios, has begun work on the concept art and pre-visualizations. When this is completed, they will be shopping for financing.

Like the orignal ITV series that Gerry Anderson came up with, this film will revolve around SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) - a secret military operation hidden beneath a Hollywood studio, whose operatives battle an alien race that has been kidnapping and killing humans for decades and using their body parts.

Quoting that article, "The story, characters and situations Mr. Anderson created in 'UFO' are timeless and engaging," Gratzner said. "My vision is to utilize visual effects as a supportive storytelling device that draws audiences into this universe."

The saying, "Whats old is new again." comes to mind. I wait with baited breath for both projects to see the light of day.


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Fracked Up Friday

How does one end a bad work week? By having your day off all messed up is my answer. Hence the term from the TV series Battlestar Galactica. Where the word “Frack” is a substitute for the four-letter F-word meaning to have sex. Or getting screwed. Or something amazing happened to you. You get the idea... (NOTE: Why is there a picture of Cylon #6 here? Because she a pretty sexy woman and this post needs something "uplifting"!)

The week leading up to this day off of mine was all Fracked up. The roommate I thought I was going to be sharing either a apartment or a future mobile home with decided to back out of the deal. So I'm trying to find a “new” used mobile home to move onto my property and live life again.

Got called on by my Team Leader at work for a particular job that didn't end the way it should. At least I wasn't fired over it – but what the hell... I need a new job anyway. Something that would pay more than what I earn at my current call center.

But that pales in comparison to what has happened to me over the past 24 hours.

Thankfully – it rained overnight so staying inside my 1973 RV was ok. No electric, water, or hookup to the septic tank still. But I'm living in the damn thing now for over 3 weeks and counting. Getting by. It was amazing. Some of the rain drops were bouncing off the table or whatever to get around the particularly closed curtain to wake me up. That was amazing.

But it was this morning, Friday – July 17, 2009. IT was all FRACKED UP this morning!

Woke up late, got changed and received a call on my cell phone that the house that I was going to be looking at in Olton, TX, has been sold out from under me. Oh well, like I had $6,000.00 laying around to spend on it anyway.

Finally headed off to the Wal Mart to get the oil changed in my 1994 Ford F-150 pickup. Also to do some shopping inside. The oil changed went ok, but they forgot to change out my right rear spare tire for the regular wheel that should be on the truck. That too was taken care of, but -

“We're sorry Mr. Shanks, your key broke off in the ignition switch on your truck. Have a nice day.”

There I was, in the parking lot with a running truck and now no way to turn it off without being stranded at Wal Mart! Time to get out of there.

Called up my friend Ricky Taylor at Rickys Auto about what needed to be done. Thankfully, the truck was still running when the key was broken, so I drove over to Auto Zone to get a new ignition module and thus new keys for the truck. And Ricky was a good friend, he switched it out with charging me a thing.

Well, it was now about 11:00am. Time to get something to eat. Too bad that there was a new guy on the counter and there was a line forming at the counter at MacDonalds. “enough of this.” I thought. I crossed the street and picked up a burger at Burger King.

With food and drink now taken care of. I visited George Lock and Key and they only charged me $15.00 to make a new door key and a spare for my truck. Things are now looking much better. Time to go to the bank to get the twenty bucks needed to go see the new Harry Potter movie. Large Coke, Medium Popcorn(no butter), and a hot dog. The price went up an extra dollar now (Total of $13.00 for the munchies).

Enjoyed this new Harry Potter film very much. Now waiting on the final two films in this series. I can tell that they are going to be just as good as this film.

Then I was finally able to visit my friend Aaron and hook my computer up to his net and get this blog posted. And we're now at about 4pm central time... Still some time left today and this evening for more stuff to go wrong. But I hope you got a chuckle from my Fracked up Friday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loehle Sport Parasol And Friend's Dream

My friend Ricky from Shallowater, Texas; is one happy fellow this month. Been meaning to post some of these pictures for weeks now, but life got in the way.

For years, hes been wanting to get back into full scale aviation in some fashion. He is a fellow radio control model airplane pilot like me. I myself would like to mess around with some ultralight airplanes sometime in the future. I even like the P-40 that Loehle Aircraft offers as a kit. He has about five acres of land that his house and business is setup on and in the back, he made himself a model airplane airport.
He recently did some trading and stuff and ended up as the proud owner of a Loehle Sport Parasol Aircraft. Turns out this thing while built for nearly 10 years or so I am told; it was never flown. That is until my friend Ricky got his hands on it. That red and yellow Sport Parasol is no longer a virgin!

Anyway, these are the pictures that he sent me - enjoy!

UPDATE: July 13, 2009. Ricky informed me today that his pickup truck went bellyup and thus he now has to turn around and sell the ultralight. Life really sucks for those of us at the bottom of the economy.

Loehle Aircraft website (

Sunday, July 5, 2009

RC Zeppelin Jail Break Foiled!

Which blog should I post this bit of odd news? Easy - I'll post it on both of my blogs.

It seems that ever since the Charles Bronson movie "Breakout" came out in 1975, every now and then you will see someone attempt to use a helicopter to break out of prison. But a radio control Zeppelin? I saw that oddly Enough news article on and had to add my own thoughts to the subject. However, the photograph that went the article was of a regular, full 1:1 scale blimp. I was wanting to see this RC Zeppelin!


Because a few years ago on, there was this man who actually started talking with a blimp company about fashioning either a 1:6th or 1:5th scale Hindenburg that could be set up for radio control operations, or manned flight; just to attend a scale model airplane meet to be held in Texas several years ago! Those plans however never came about and I cannot find that thread anymore on that forum.

But, getting back to THIS specific story. Spanish police told news reporters that they had foiled the plot of a Italian drug trafficker's plan to use a RC Zeppelin to ferry in some climbing equipment for him to use to escape from jail on the Canary Islands. His name was given as Giulio B (age 52). He was jailed after being caught piloting a seaplane loaded down with 440 pounds (200 kg) of cocaine from Mauritania to the Canary Islands.

The police arrested three people outside the jail who were in the process of setting up the escape. They (the police) had intercepted the package sent from italy that had the balloon, night-vision goggles and climbing gear. Further searches on Grand Canary island found a tent and telephoto lens that the gang had used to check out the jail's security froma hill that was listed as being 600 meters away from the jail.

As envisioned, Giulio B. would have climbed out of the prison and meet a driver who would smuggle him off the island with forged papers. The police said that they have been investigating the plot since February of this year.

Just for the hell of it, I did a search for RC Zeppelins and RC Blimps and came up with many links. A lot of them are of the made-in-china- product display pages. These RC Blimps are used many as Inflatable Advertising. Check out some of the links below or better yet, do a google search using the words "RC Zeppelin."

Ref. "Police foil radio control zeppelin jailbreak" posted July 3, 2009 (Madrid) by Martin Roberts (

Friday, July 3, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin is Stepping Down - Why?

Alaskian Governor Sara Palin is stepping down.

Shes saying all the political correct - nice words when a Pol is going down the tubes. So why now? Is she setting up for a run for the Office of President of the United States in 2012?


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honor Their Service by Chris Muir

Talk about a care package that our troops (and regular civilians) can support! Just check out the link in the drawing for more details.

Oh, you mean there really is a Link?! Ok smartass. Check it out on EBay ( ) This is the description: Sam of does a pinup for the troops! 8.5"x11", printed full color on heavy matte stock, and signed by Chris Muir.(1) only, all bid proceeds go to the 'Honor the Troops' event!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Indiana Jones Number Five Is A Go!

In an interiew with Empire reproter Phil De Semlyen, Frank Marshall and actor Shia Labeouf both stated that Indiana Jones Number Five was in the script developement stage.

Quoting the Empire article, " Although he didn't specify timelines, Marshall told Empire that ideas would be worked on with a view to green-lighting production sooner rather than later. "It's really about the script," says the veteran Indy producer. "Once we see that, we'll see. We're not going to wait another 20 years. We'd all love to make another one. I'm anxious to hear the idea!"

Since Harrison Ford is approaching his 67th birthday, time is running out. Marshall did leave himself an out, "Until there's a script, nothing's definite."

For me personally, I cannot wait!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Charlie Chan Action Figure Project. Parts 1 & 2

Part One - Why Charlie Chan?

Why Charlie Chan as an action figure? Why do anything really?

I was thinking that once things settle down in my life again (as in having a house to call my own once again - stuff like that), I would like to mess around with creating some photo stories using 1/6th action figures as the actors. If you look in my Hobbies Link section on this blog, you will see many websites that can also inspire you.

Last year, I saw at Best Buy in the DVD section several collector box sets of Charlie Chan movies (volumes 1-5). Now adapted to DVD format and I wanted to get them. I started off with Vol. 4 which is the start of the Sidney Toler era as the famous detective. I still need to look for a head scupture to model after number two son Jimmy Chan (who was played by actor Sen Yung). If you like to learn more about Charlie Chan, then please visit these sites listed below in the reference section.

I have never had the pleasure of reading any of the books authored by Earl Derr Biggers. Here is a bit of trivia for you, Earl Derr Biggers modeled his Charlie Chan detective after a real-life Honolulu police detective by the name of Chang Apana (Apana is the Hawaiianized version of his Chinese name Ah Ping). I did have one book that collected some fo the newspaper comic series. But, I really only know Charlie Chan from what I saw in the movies.

The First Chan was screen actor Chans-Warner Oland. When he passed away due to sickness, in 1938; in stepped Sidney Toler after a long search. When Toler's time as the detective came to an end, the third and last Chan was Rolan Winters. (NOTE: I am not referring to the two attempts in the 1970s with Ross Martin and Peter Ustinov playing the great detective). There were 44 films from 1931 to 1949. Then of course - there were the wise Chan-o-grams (or more specifically, the aphorisms) that he always gave out in the films.

Wait a minute, what is a Aphorism? Webster defines it as the following: 1) A short, concise statement of principle. 2) A maxium; a short, pointed sentence containing some important truth or precept. For example: (Three examples from the movie Charlie Chan in Honolulu: a. Bills sometimes more difficult to collect than murder clues. b. Making bedfellow of serpent no guarantee against snakebite. c. Opinion like tea leaf in hot water - both need time for brewing).

While as a kid, I remembered sitting in my grandmother's living room on a sunday afternoon watching movies on the black and white TV set. While I remember watching the Chan flicks, the Sherlock Holmes movies, Francis (the Talking Mule) Joins the Army, Ma and Pa Kettle movies were watched there at her place as well. For some reason, what I now know to be the first appearance of Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan stands out in my memory (Charlie Chan in Honolulu).

The plot begins on the freighter Susan B. Jennings just moored off the coast near Honolulu. With "Poppa and Mama" Chan wrapped up with the birth of their first grandchild, Number Two son Jimmy Chan (Sen Yung) takes off to start 'his' detective career. The characters are reacting to the thef of $300,000.00 and the murder of a man who was to take delivery of that money. Number Two son Jimmy is really just a bumbler and when the "real" detective Charlie Chan shows up on the freighter; solving the murder case really moves into high gear. The movie goes off in tangents with bumbling lion handlers, doctors who study living brains in storage cases, and fake police officers. But the murder is solved and Sidney Toler's first outing as Chan is in the bag. The next film, "Charlie Chan in Reno," finds Toler settling into the role much better.

Part Two - Beginning the Process.

What action figure in the past ten years comes closest to looking like ANY of the three actors who played detective Chan? Being a member of OSW (, I posted my question and and actually receive an answer from a fellow Lubbockite by the call sign of "spyder" (aka Shannon). He pointed out the head sculpt of a figure form ACE known as Seal Team 10 ( The head looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin to me, but with a trimming of the beard and a repaint, it would look very much like Sidney Toler!

So, the first step of identifying the head sculpt has been accomplished. And again thanks to Shannon and some trading that he did with some other collectors, he was able to get me on of those head sculpts! And today (June 12, 2009) I set about with a X-Acto knife to trim that goatee beard off of Steve Austin's head and create my Sidney Toler version of Charlie Chan!

Now I need to get a figure to stick that head on and I already have some leads as to where I can get a custom suit made for him. Right now, I am still planning on getting a white business suit to stick Chan into. Other wise, I might ahve to track down someone who has parted out a James Bond figure set and get one of those suits and have it modified to fit onto this new figure. I also have to make a "fat suit" to slip the figure onto to make it look more like Chan anyway.

I will make updates on this project when I can. I'm even thinking of the possible storylines that I can do such as Charlie Chan meets Indiana Jones!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Pictures of Sideshow Collectibles Henry Jones Sr figure

Well, here is an update on Sideshow Collectibles new action figure in the Indiana Jones line up.  Henry Jones Senior!  Expected price to be about $90.00.  But in these photographs, you can see what will be included with the figure.  I cannot wait to get this one.  

I still hope that the suitcase shown in the prototype pictures here will be more scale like and functional (i.e. it opens. And the umbrella slides in and out of the luggage straps on the suitcase.  The hat will be removable also I hope. But look at what else you get with this figure.  You also get the grail tablet, the grail diary, and the Holy Grail itself. And of course, the stand.

Marion, Sallah, and Short Round... if only Sideshow will come out with them as well...  (Heck, even Marcus Brody what the hell??  Why not.)