Sunday, November 1, 2009

Submerged Mayan Ruins Discovered!

Roberto Samayoa - a businessman and recreational diver who likes to explore picturesque Lake Atitlan, Guatemala made a discovery 12 years ago in 1996, that underwater archaeologists are now finally getting around to exploring. The 400-square-meter area has been mapped with sonar and the parts of the complex that is above water are being excavated.

What would any self respecting discoverer would do on making such a discovery? Why name it after himself of course. The site is currently name Samabaj. There are parts of buildings, huge ceremonial stones known as stelae.

Researchers believe that this area, now 50-feet below the lake's surface, was once an island until a catastropic event took place. Maybe a volcanic eruption or a landside that raised the water level of the lake. The raising lake appears to have taken place about 250 AD - which is before the height of the Mayan Empire. Ceramics found intact there suggest that the inhabitants had to leave in a hurry.

The exact location of the site is a secret to protect it from looters who fish in the ruins for artifacts to be sold on the blackmarket - sometimes for thousands of dollars.

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___ October 30, 2009. "Divers probe Mayan ruins submerged in Guatemala lake." by Sarah Grainger (

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