Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanking a Veteran today!

You see the fellow in the top picture frame to the left? Thats my Dad - Bert Shanks, USAAF, World War Two veteran. He was never sent overseas. He served on what was called - The Home Front. He was a airplane mechanic working on AT-6s, BT-13s, B-25s, B-17s, and finally, B-29s.

In fact, he was going through update training and was about to be shipped out to Saipan island when the two atomic bombs were dropped. So, the war ended and he was discharged from military service. He worked as a teacher, met my mother. Got married. Eventually, I appeared on the scene. By then, he was working for the Texas Highway Department until the day he retired.

He is dead now having passed away back in the summer of 2007. Miss him and my mother big time.

He instilled in me a strong love of country. Of respect for those who served in our nations military. So, if you have the chance to do so today, thank a vet for their service.

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