Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ark Of The Covenant - In Yemen Now?

Checking out some archaeology sites on the web, I came across this interesting article posted on November 1, 2008 on

Seems like a shard was found by a teenage volunteer on a dig about 12 miles south-west of Jerusalem. On that shard were symbols of an ancient alphabet that is referred to as either proto-Canaanite or First Tongue.

Hebrew University researchers said the shard was written about 3,000 years ago - or about 1,000 years before the Dead Sea Scrolls. Thus, that just about corresponds to the era of the First Temple, ruled by the biblical figures of David; Solomon and used by the Queen of Sheba (who was supposed to have been married to King Solomon) in what is now Yemen.

The Yemen language scripts are written in the same alphabet, translated, and using ancient Hebrew; the shard describes the burial of the Ark of Moses at a site near Mareb -- in the ancient kingdom known as Saba (aka Sheba).

And in typical CYA mode, the scientists with the Hebrew University state that further study will be needed to understand this new information.

Well, this website provides a illustration of the different lettering used and translations from Hebrew to English as well. Almost everybody knows the general story from several movies over the past decades about King Solomon and Queen Sheba. Basically, Queen Sheba was invited to visit King Solomon, and they were married and had a son name Menelik.

The viewzone article talks about researchers Gary Vey and John McGovern had uncovered the palace of the Queen, in Mareb, Yemen. That palace bares inscriptions in the same alphabet that describe the relocation of the (in)famous Ark of the Covenant to the site Menelik following the destruction of Jerusalem.

Queen Sheba it seems instructed some followers that her son and the Ark were to be buried in a chamber until such time might transpire for that chamber to be re-opened. The buried son and Ark were covered with sand for an unknown length of time to avoid the folks who had attacked the Temple in Israel. Not content to rest there, they then travel down to Mareb. The texts state how Sheba initially had the buried chamber constructed in such a manner that it could be disassembled quickly to save her son (i.e they did not use any mortar).

Later, it describes how the chamber remained silent for along time, and how a worm crawled out of it - and thus Sheba had to decide whether or not to open it back up prematurely to save her son. Or have faith in his prophecy that the Ark would preserve him, no matter how long he remained buried.

Ultimately, the Queen of Sheba had faith, but constructed a better, more fortified chamber around the older one. With a large wall as a barrier against the possible rupture of the great Mareb Dam. By the way, that dam did break and flood the land several times. Eventually, the sand covered and hid the entire structure in sand. And as such, she(Sheba) had to move her kingdom to Ethiopia. The language changed over time to Himyaridic - all the better that the son and the Ark would remain in secret and unmolested. A 'copy' of the Ark - the "box of El" was built as a red herring and it remains in Ethiopia today.

For more information, please check out the original article on

Ref. ( image from same website.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Warrior Project song

The Warrior Project song.

Mike Kaminski as General George S. Patton

It's unreal how close this Mike Kaminski got to George C. Scott/General George S. Patton. It is a worthy video to watch. Enjoy and fell proud to be a American while fighting in the War on Terrorism (or whatever politically correct term we are suppose to use right now with President Obama in the White House).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanking a Veteran today!

You see the fellow in the top picture frame to the left? Thats my Dad - Bert Shanks, USAAF, World War Two veteran. He was never sent overseas. He served on what was called - The Home Front. He was a airplane mechanic working on AT-6s, BT-13s, B-25s, B-17s, and finally, B-29s.

In fact, he was going through update training and was about to be shipped out to Saipan island when the two atomic bombs were dropped. So, the war ended and he was discharged from military service. He worked as a teacher, met my mother. Got married. Eventually, I appeared on the scene. By then, he was working for the Texas Highway Department until the day he retired.

He is dead now having passed away back in the summer of 2007. Miss him and my mother big time.

He instilled in me a strong love of country. Of respect for those who served in our nations military. So, if you have the chance to do so today, thank a vet for their service.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Additional Pictures from West Texas Comic Con

Some additional photographs that I took at the West Texas Comic Con 2009.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

West Texas Comic Con(2009)

The West Texas Comic Con(2009) was held yesterday at the Lubbock Science Spectrum Center. I spent the entire day there just sitting with a friend and watching the world go by his table.

Will Terrell, the founder of theLubbock Sketch Club, the Creator of his own web comicknown as "Super Zeros" did the official poster for the event. Members of the 501st Legion out of Abilene, Texas, were in attendance. They are a part of a international organization of "Star Wars" cosplayers. And they wore their costumes. There was even an "inspection tour" by none other Darth Vader! A independent film company out of Austin, Texas, known as Twitchy Dolphin Flix. They were showing their movie "Funny Books" at this convention.

Please visit the Lubbockonline blog (see link below) for more details of the guests who where in attendance. But in this posting of mine, I want to post some pictures that I took at this event. Enjoy.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Submerged Mayan Ruins Discovered!

Roberto Samayoa - a businessman and recreational diver who likes to explore picturesque Lake Atitlan, Guatemala made a discovery 12 years ago in 1996, that underwater archaeologists are now finally getting around to exploring. The 400-square-meter area has been mapped with sonar and the parts of the complex that is above water are being excavated.

What would any self respecting discoverer would do on making such a discovery? Why name it after himself of course. The site is currently name Samabaj. There are parts of buildings, huge ceremonial stones known as stelae.

Researchers believe that this area, now 50-feet below the lake's surface, was once an island until a catastropic event took place. Maybe a volcanic eruption or a landside that raised the water level of the lake. The raising lake appears to have taken place about 250 AD - which is before the height of the Mayan Empire. Ceramics found intact there suggest that the inhabitants had to leave in a hurry.

The exact location of the site is a secret to protect it from looters who fish in the ruins for artifacts to be sold on the blackmarket - sometimes for thousands of dollars.

For more information, please use the link below.

___ October 30, 2009. "Divers probe Mayan ruins submerged in Guatemala lake." by Sarah Grainger (