Monday, January 18, 2010

Space Cruiser Yamato is now a Live Action Movie (post #2)

This goes along with my previous post about the Space Cruiser Yamato movie coming out in Japan later this year. The video is about 10 minutes and shows a full scale mockup of the World War Two battleship.

Space Cruiser YAMATO is now a Live Action Movie!


And I recently learned from a friend of mine that they are making a live action version of that classic anime series. Below is the YouTube trailer. Enjoy!

UPDATE (February 14, 2010): While there is nothing there but a countdown clock to the release of the picture, I thought that I would go ahead and post that link here with this article. ( Plus, I have recently discovered some bits of news. Like what Ron Moore did with Starbuck in the latest version of Battlestar Galactica, a few of the characters that were male in the cartoon will now be female. Reiko Takashima - Dr. Sado, the ship's Medical Officer. Ms Maiko will play Aihara, the communications officer.

The lead actor is one Takuya Kimura who plays the lead role of Susumu Kodai (aka Derek Wildstar from Star Blazers). Kodai's love interest in the original series was Yuki Mori, now played by actress Meisa Kuroki. Plus, she will have a more active role than her animated version in the story.

Yamato's Captain Jūzō Okita (aka Captain Avatar) will be played by Tsutomu Yamazaki. The main alien antagonist - Dessler, still has yet to be cast it seems.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

White People (Sex) Video - Funny

Ok, shes Hot. The only reason her video is here. If you can't take a joke - turn the volume down to zero while watching.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sexbot Has Arrived Her Name is Roxxxy!

Found this little bit of news over on Drudge Report/The Sun-UK today. First photo is of Roxxy, the other one is suppose to be Mature Martha. Of the two - I think I like Martha the best. While researching this article, the dark haired one was always referred to as Roxxy. But the second picture when I found it attached to a posting about this - it seemed to be in reference to to Mature Martha.

Roxxxy - The world's first Sexbot is proclaimed at the recent AVN (Adult Entertainment Expo) in Las Vegas this past weekend. From a company called True Companion, Roxxxys will cost anywhere from $7,000 to $9,000 in the US. And from that price - you know this is NOT the blow it up, use it, deflate it and hide it from view kinda of doll.

Quote: The dark-haired, lingerie-clad robot has inbuilt artificial intelligence — meaning she can talk footie and cars with her owner. Roxxxy also boasts impressive, flesh-like, synthetic skin.

The revolutionary invention — set to take the sex toy industry by storm — also comes with FIVE different "personalities". The anatomically correct robot has a fake skeleton, letting her move like a REAL woman.

Douglas Hines, the robot's football loving inventor, said the real aim was to make the doll someone the owner can talk to and relate to.

Mr Hines said: "She can't vacuum, she can't cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean.

I have heard of other life-size 'sextoys' that cost as much as this one does, but those other "dolls" did not have the Artificial Intelligence to go with their internal skeleton and life-like skin. And for the ladies/gay men out there, there will be a male version named Rocky. And if you want to know about those "other" dolls, just do your own google search.

UPDATE: Added an additional link to ref section below from article posted on Last paragraph caught my eye and quote: In a 2007 book, "Love and Sex with Robots," British chess player and artificial intelligence expert David Levy argues that robots will become significant sexual partners for humans, answering needs that other people are unable or unwilling to satisfy.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

PAV-1 (Badger) - A Pocket Cobra HISS Tank

The most unusual thing I have come across in 2010 so far is this interesting all terrain vehicle. And I discovered it through my membership with JoeCars(a yahoo group dealing with 1/6th scale vehicles for G.I. Joe size action figures).

A member posted the link to this website along with the comment that it reminded him of a smaller version of the famous COBRA HISS tank that Hasbro came out with for that group of terrorist that G.I. Joe fought against in the 1980s (and still going strong-remember that movie from last year: G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra?). By the way, H.I.S.S. means High Speed Sentry Tank. The toy tank is pictured with this posting.

Anyway, this is the description direct from the Howe and Howe Technologies website: Designed and built late in 2007, PAV1 is the worlds smallest armored all terrain vehicle, designed to increase officer safety in SWAT and Law Enforcement applications.

This is a ONE person tank that is designed for SWAT police to enter a building and drive down a hallway. It's upgraded design is suppose to be able to stop a .50 cal bullet.

Anyway, visit the Howe & Howe Technologies website and look at the PAV-1 and some of the other tank vehicles that they have come up with.

REf Howe & Howe Technologies home page.(
PAV (aka, the Badger) (
JoeCars (or joe's garage) (
GIJoe Wiki, a description of the Cobra HISS tank itself.(

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Airplane in Antarctica remains found

News from the Mawson's Huts Foundation has found the remains of the first airplane ever taken to Antarctica back in 1912.

Quoting team member Tony Stewart on their blog from Cape Denison (in Antarctica's Commonwealth Bay, on Jan 2, 2010) "The biggest news of the day is that we've found the air tractor, or at least parts of it."

That expedition to Antarctic by the Australian team in 1911-14 used the airplane as a tractor/sled since the wings were damage. The airplane itself is of a single-engine Vickers that was built in 1911. This is just 8-years after the Wright Brother's first flight folks! Eventually, the engine just could not stand the cold and so it was eventually abandoned.

In the 1970s, the remains where photographed. It appeared to be encompassed in the ice or almost. Now, it is underwater and the photographs on their blog show the fragments.

This posting will be posted on both of my blogs to start off the new year with.

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