Saturday, January 9, 2010

PAV-1 (Badger) - A Pocket Cobra HISS Tank

The most unusual thing I have come across in 2010 so far is this interesting all terrain vehicle. And I discovered it through my membership with JoeCars(a yahoo group dealing with 1/6th scale vehicles for G.I. Joe size action figures).

A member posted the link to this website along with the comment that it reminded him of a smaller version of the famous COBRA HISS tank that Hasbro came out with for that group of terrorist that G.I. Joe fought against in the 1980s (and still going strong-remember that movie from last year: G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra?). By the way, H.I.S.S. means High Speed Sentry Tank. The toy tank is pictured with this posting.

Anyway, this is the description direct from the Howe and Howe Technologies website: Designed and built late in 2007, PAV1 is the worlds smallest armored all terrain vehicle, designed to increase officer safety in SWAT and Law Enforcement applications.

This is a ONE person tank that is designed for SWAT police to enter a building and drive down a hallway. It's upgraded design is suppose to be able to stop a .50 cal bullet.

Anyway, visit the Howe & Howe Technologies website and look at the PAV-1 and some of the other tank vehicles that they have come up with.

REf Howe & Howe Technologies home page.(
PAV (aka, the Badger) (
JoeCars (or joe's garage) (
GIJoe Wiki, a description of the Cobra HISS tank itself.(

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