Monday, September 10, 2012

Titan Books - The Return of Matt Helm

Titan Books - The Return of Matt Helm

On a whem, I decided to drop by one of my favorite websites:  The Matt Helm Dossier.  Low and behold, there was a update notice right under the title.  Dated June 24, 2012.  "Titan Books announced today that beginning in 2013, they will reissue the original Matt Helm® spy thrillers written by Donald Hamilton."  And then I clicked on the link (Like you can too!).

I'm doing my Happy Dance with this news!

It's about time that Donald Hamilton is reconized by a new generation.

Quoting from the article: “These novels were among the best spy thrillers ever published,” said Nick Landau, Publisher of Titan Books and CEO of the Titan Publishing Group.  “We’re thrilled to partner with the estate of Donald Hamilton, enabling us to bring them back into print and show readers what they’ve been missing all these years.”

I'm old enough to think that Dean Martin is the one and only Matt Helm even though he played the character as a joke.  Then again, the scripts were written that way.  The only thing the script writers bother to barrow from the novels were the titles of the books and apply the characters in a more laughable way.

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