Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walk Through That Door by Madison Rising

Discovered this music group from a link posted on The Jawa Report. Music video "Walk Through That Door" shows the sacrifice that our wonderful veterans go through to have that wonderful "Welcome Home Again" moment. Watch it and then check out the groups own website. Both links are posted below in the Ref. section.

On that website, you can listen to their new album and there is a section that shows the lyrics to each song. Below, are the lyrics to the song "Walking Through That Door" from their website. Video from YouTube below. Again, if you cannot view it on my blog, just go to YouTube to see it.


We fell in love the moment we first met
And everything was perfect in our lives
But I'm a soldier and I wont forget
The call of duty came and I went with pride
I found myself over seas, just protecting the dreams that we have
And there’s’ nothing more important than giving all I have to give

I'm fighting for the things that I believe
Its time to go my country's calling me

When I go walking through that door
I'm leaving with my head held high
I'll serve my country through this war
But I'll come back with pride

When I got home after my tour was through
I couldn't wait to take her as my wife
I asked her father if he would approve
And he said "son give her a happy life"
I found my self overjoyed when she told me a baby boy, was on the way
But my face grew pale when I picked up the mail
And saw my second call of duty came

Still fighting for the things that I believe
Its time to go my country's calling me


I love my family, but I serve my country
And I'll be the man who swore an oath to those above me
And I'll fight harder, and I won’t be martyred
And I'll make it home so all my children know me


So all my children know me
I’ll come back alive
So all my children know me I’ll come back alive.

Watch the video. I dare you not to tear up.
There is another song on that album you should hear and those lyrics are below. It's entitled: In The Days That Reagan Ruled....


Searching in the distance
For a shining city on a hill
For I was told in days of old
That it would be there still

But what I see is killin’ me
It tears right at my soul
Just enemies of liberty
Now victims they are called

The people can’t communicate
No language as a glue
And the communists in Hollywood
Who tell you what to do
But things were so much different --

In The Days That Reagan Ruled
In The Days That Reagan Ruled
In The Days That Reagan Ruled
He was the Gipper, he had the knack
He took a bullet and he still came back
In The Days That Reagan Ruled!
In The Days That Reagan Ruled!
He was an honest man with a simple dream
A dream we should hold true

When he met with Gorbachev, he stood firm and proud
Not like other men, who would’ve knelt down and bowed
All his rivals couldn’t stand the plot
But he destroyed our greatest enemy - without a single shot

Negotiate, yet dominate; peace through strength he’d say
No hostages he’d let you hold, not for a day
Things were so much different --


California was still the Golden State
Our culture we could celebrate
Our First Lady still had some class
No race-baiters talking all of their trash

In The Days That Reagan Ruled
In The Days That Reagan Ruled
Things were so much different
In The Days That Reagan Ruled
In The Days That Reagan Ruled


Tearing down an iron wall
Acting in his greatest role
Made all his critics look like fools
‘Cause even jelly beans were cool!

[Reagan VO fade…].

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2. Madison Rising website. ( http://www.madisonrising.com/ )

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Newt Gingrich-Understanding the Unexpected Rise of

Newt Gingrich. Below is the link to the Reaganite Republican article about how he is still in the race and even gaining ground.

( Reaganite Republican: Understanding the Unexpected (and Unfunded) Rise o... )

Friday, November 11, 2011

WizKids Games Star Trek Fleet Captains Wargame

I just heard about the new WizKids/NECA Star Trek based war game entitle: Star Trek Fleet Captains (STFC).

Designed by Mike Elliot and Ethan Pasternack, STFC is a stand alone strategic space exploration and ship-to-ship combat game.

Twenty four 3D HeroClix starship miniatures and 300 cards are included for game play. This game was released this past September.

The reason for my renewed interest in Star Trek space combat games was a friend asked to used my Star Trek minis for a demo game that was to be held in Abilene, Texas recently. When they were returned to me, I found out about the 'new' Starfleet Battles being produced in a joint venture between the Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc; and Mongoose Publication.

Their new miniature line would be made out of resin instead of metal and be slightly bigger than the original ones at 1/3788 scale. Star Fleet Miniatures have been sold by various vendors, mostly from Amarillo Design Bureau for the Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander Games.

Quoting from starfleetgames.com website on the new line of miniatures: Under our joint venture with Mongoose, we will in November launch the new 2500 series which will be larger, have more detail, and will be done in resin instead of pewter. end quote. This series will correct some previous omissions, re-scale some of the ships (compared to each other), and make some changes that vary from subtle to profound. Check out the link below in the Ref section.

In my younger days, I enjoyed painting and collection the Star Trek miniatures from first, ADB, then later; the FASA Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator miniature line. Now the Wizkids version that is coming out is good news.

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4. Starline 2500 miniatures line link (http://www.starfleetgames.com/Starline%202500.shtml).