Friday, November 11, 2011

WizKids Games Star Trek Fleet Captains Wargame

I just heard about the new WizKids/NECA Star Trek based war game entitle: Star Trek Fleet Captains (STFC).

Designed by Mike Elliot and Ethan Pasternack, STFC is a stand alone strategic space exploration and ship-to-ship combat game.

Twenty four 3D HeroClix starship miniatures and 300 cards are included for game play. This game was released this past September.

The reason for my renewed interest in Star Trek space combat games was a friend asked to used my Star Trek minis for a demo game that was to be held in Abilene, Texas recently. When they were returned to me, I found out about the 'new' Starfleet Battles being produced in a joint venture between the Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc; and Mongoose Publication.

Their new miniature line would be made out of resin instead of metal and be slightly bigger than the original ones at 1/3788 scale. Star Fleet Miniatures have been sold by various vendors, mostly from Amarillo Design Bureau for the Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander Games.

Quoting from website on the new line of miniatures: Under our joint venture with Mongoose, we will in November launch the new 2500 series which will be larger, have more detail, and will be done in resin instead of pewter. end quote. This series will correct some previous omissions, re-scale some of the ships (compared to each other), and make some changes that vary from subtle to profound. Check out the link below in the Ref section.

In my younger days, I enjoyed painting and collection the Star Trek miniatures from first, ADB, then later; the FASA Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator miniature line. Now the Wizkids version that is coming out is good news.

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