Saturday, September 26, 2009

Right-Wing 'Terrorists' Are At It Again (Supposely)

Check out the article by World Net Daily entitled "Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists'" by Bob Unruth. Seems there is a private (leftist) activist
organization trying to pick up the football where the Department of Homeland Security dropped theirs earlier this year.

The Southern Poverty Law Center issue their own 2009 "Intelligence Report" aimed for police offices, sheriffs, and other law enforcement personnel across the nation.

That intelligence report groups various organizations such as Oathkeepers (whose mainly miliatary and law enforcement members pledge to uphold their constitutional duties, including the suty to question and refuse what appear to be illegitimate orders) is lumped together with those individuals interested in joining a milita. Or becomin
g a white supremacists. Or a anti-semite. Or a Tax Protestor. Or any number of other things that are considered to be of a radical right political though process. Oh, yeah, and these 'terrorists' are supporters of such things as individual rights of gun ownership as contained in the Second Amendment.

Lets pretend we are Jeff Foxworthy and do the following...

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you oppose same-sex marriage.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you oppose the policies of the Dear Leader (aka: President Obama) in reguards to immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs, can & trade, healthcare and that list goes on and on.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you don't trust foreign regimes and fear Communist regimes as well.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you oppose a "one world" government.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you speak about how far the US has decline in stature in the rest of the world.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you love Chuck Norris.

You be be a right-wing anti-government terrorist if you suport what Glenn Beck says about anything. (NOTE: By the Way, have you seen his latest book? Arguing with Idiots - How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government. Love the cover.)

That last statement is a good segway into a quote that I'm pulling from that article...

Under the headline "Going Feral," the SPLC warning to police quotes personalities such as Fox News host Glenn Beck, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and actor Chuck Norris.

"It's like Thomas Jefferson said, a revolution every now and then is a good thing. We are at the point ... of revolution. And by that, what I mean [is] an orderly revolution, where the people of this country wake up and get up and make a decision that this is not going to happen on their watch," the warning quoted Bachmann, R-Minn.

Norris, in a WND column in March, wrote, "How much more will Americans take? When will enough be enough? And, when that time comes, will our leaders finally listen or will history need to record a second American Revolution?"

Actor Chuck Norris also had something else to say about the 9/12 protests across the country recently...

"On Sept. 12, 2002, we sought to protect our nation against terrorists from without. Beginning on Sept. 12, 2009, we are seeking to protect our nation against enemies of our republic from within. Many of us are protesting the present political direction of Washington. Outrageous borrowing, excessive bailouts, massive spending, speedball stimulus plans … swings toward socialism are just a few of things that were protested that day. Of course, economics is far from America's only problem, as large as it appears to loom," Norris wrote.

"I want to emphasize: this revolutionary movement is not solely an independent, Republican or Democrat fight. It represents patriots fed up against modernists who seek to overturn almost every principle and tenet laid down by our country's founders at the inception of our republic. From the East Coast to the 'Left Coast,' America seems to be moving further and further from its founders' vision and government," he said. ....Chuck Norris.

Ref., Sept 25, 2009 "Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists' by Bob Unruth. (

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nazca-Like Lines in Kazakhstan

Geoglyphs, very similar to those found in Nazca Peru; have been discovered in Kazakhstan. The actual site is in the remote Karatau Mountains in the southern region of Kazakhstan. Geoglyphs are drawings created on the ground by arranging stones and or removing the top layers of earth. These designs can covered really large areas.

Recently disclosed by Kazakhstan officials appear to show a humanoid figure between two unusual structures.

What do lines in the ground matter to those who are interested in UFOs? Because it might mean such markers were created by anicent peoples for the benefits of the "Sky Gods" (aka Extraterrestrials). World War Two produced the Cargo Cults among the island natives who never know about such things as airplanes. Geolyphs are just the more ancient version of this phenomenon.

From the posted article on All News Web(dot)com, the Kazhakstan government is toying with ideas like creating a UFO landing field and building a alien embassy. It seems, that UFO sightings and activity have been increasing in that nation for some time.

Ref. All News Web. "UFO Mysteries: 'Nazca Lines' discovered in Kazakhstan." By Michael Cohen. September 22, 2009. ( September 24, 2009 (
Heritage-Key(dot)com. (
above, thanks to photojournalist N. Dorogov.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jonny Quest - 45 Years old Today

September 18, 1964.

Hanna-Barbera Productions released to my generation, and all future generations; the amazing cartoon series officially known as The Adventures of Jonny Quest. Its a science fiction/adventure animated television series about a young boy who tags along with this father - scientist Benton C. Quest.

Jonathan "Jonny" Quest is a 11-year old boy who manages to help his father solve crimes and other adventures.

Dr. Benton C. Quest is Jonny's father - a top leader of world scientists who has a wide range of knowledge in many fields of studies. With the death of his wife (and Jonny's mother) established in the very first episode, this lead to the assignment of a bodyguard to the family...

Roger T. "Race" Bannon is a special agent/bodyguard/pilot to the Quest family from a (presumed U.S. government agancy known as Intelligence One). The character sketches were based on the actor Jeff Chandler. Race has a old girl fiend by the name of Jade who shows up from time to time to make Race's life interesting. Another little bit of trivia - The blonde headed G.I. Joe figure in the 1960s had a bit of Jeff Chandler's look as well.

Hadji - is a orphan from Calcutta, also 11-years old. Eventually, he would be adopted by Dr. Benton Quest. His favorite tag line from the series was "Sim, sim, salabim." We learn in a sequel series that Hadji is some sort of Indian prince who has the last name of Singh.

Finally, there is the pet bulldog known as Bandit due to the black-like mask around his eyes.

The Quest family came from the Florida Keys (island of Palm Key specifically).

There is one recurring bad guy in the series known as Dr. Zin. A asian mastermind almost the equal of Dr. Quest.

For the time period, the Hanna-Barbera's artists did a fairly realistic depiction of human figures and objects with limited animation techniques. The series had a rich music score, scene-toscene dissolves, abreviated dialogue to keep the story moving forward, without extensive new animation of figures for the storyline.

Jonny Quest first aired on September 18, 1964 on ABC in prime time and was a instant success with critics and in the ratings. But the show was cancelled after one season due to the cost overruns for each episode that was produced. And like Star Trek, in syndication, it was a huge profit maker.

There was another Jonny Quest series in the 1990s (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest). Talk of a Jonny Quest movie comes up now and then.

So, a salute to a grand old cartoon series, Heres (to) Jonny!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dragnet Detectives set Obama Right


As a kid, I remember watching the show. In fact, I get called on the carpet at work for "not showing any Empthy" in my job at the call center I work in. I'm like Jack Webb & Henry Morgan. "Just give me the facts and I'll solve your problem lady or I'll send a tech out to your place."

I happened across this YouTube video on fromthefoothills blog. It says all the rights things that need to be said. And the way it is edited, you see the two Detectives talking to one President Barrack H. Obama. Giving him a must deserved dressing down. Video created by a Tammy Bruce.