Sunday, November 8, 2009

West Texas Comic Con(2009)

The West Texas Comic Con(2009) was held yesterday at the Lubbock Science Spectrum Center. I spent the entire day there just sitting with a friend and watching the world go by his table.

Will Terrell, the founder of theLubbock Sketch Club, the Creator of his own web comicknown as "Super Zeros" did the official poster for the event. Members of the 501st Legion out of Abilene, Texas, were in attendance. They are a part of a international organization of "Star Wars" cosplayers. And they wore their costumes. There was even an "inspection tour" by none other Darth Vader! A independent film company out of Austin, Texas, known as Twitchy Dolphin Flix. They were showing their movie "Funny Books" at this convention.

Please visit the Lubbockonline blog (see link below) for more details of the guests who where in attendance. But in this posting of mine, I want to post some pictures that I took at this event. Enjoy.


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