Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Musings Before I Turn Fifty

I thought that I would post some thoughts in the last two weeks before I turn 50 years old.

Just before Thanksgiving this past month, I almost lost my job because I had to yell back at a customer to break her rant against Cable Company(CC) to tell her that CC would get a phone tech out to her place the very next day. She had built up a whole lot of stream. I put her on hold while I fixed up the trouble ticket, got the supervisor that she demanded and all that was waiting for her - but she was more interested in her rant than what she called in about.

Plus the fact I now have to use either the words "Frustrated" or "Annoyed" somewhere in my call or be fired from my job - because I do not show enough empathy in my calls! This incident where I was almost was fired convinced me that I am feed up with CC Digital Voice telephone system. I asked to be included in the next internet training class our call center will have in the next month or two. I'm feed up with the Spoiled Generation. By the way, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y, and Z or whatever they are going to call them by; are really spoiled!

I have just reached my limit with folks calling in and expecting that they have 'X' can get them moved to the head of the line. 'X' being a new born baby, or a senior citizen, or a dog with a hangnail, etc. Whatever the caller thinks 'X' is and he/she can tell the agent(me), can get them moved ahead of some previous customer who also pulled the 'X' stunt to get to the head of the line. Back when I did do the internet, we would get some stuck up A-hole who would threaten to sue CC for lost of salary because without the internet, they had lost $25,000 today. "I lost $60,000 today because CC could not keep its damn internet up and running," etc. Well, that Cable Company does have a Business side. But if you are using the residential account/and modems on that residential account... that's just tough. Just asked for the Legal Demands phone number and you can be set straight.

But it was after Thanksgiving that I realized that that call took place on the one year anniversary of my eviction from my house last year. In another week, it will be the one year anniversary of selling off my radio control model airplanes to purchase a 1973 Apollo Neptune RV that had to be towed to my property. And by the end of December, 2009; that will mark the six month point that I have been living in said RV.

Today, I woke up to snow on the ground and that I was going to have to go into work today after shutting off my electricity at the pole (how else can I get a $35.00 month electrical bill - and that includes my $10.00 reconnect fee). When I return from work tonight, the inside temperature will be about freezing. It will take the entire night with my two electric air-radiator heaters to warm the place back up to the high 50s or low 60s Fahrenheit.

And lets not forget my 1994 Ford F-150 pickup has decided to start breaking down now. A windshield wiper motor that doesn't work. A horn all of a sudden that doesn't sound. And the most annoying thing of all - the driver side interior door handle that breaks off, it seems on a annual basis. Poor engineering design I guess. Actually, this last time around, I purchased a metal handle and it lasted about 18 months now if my memory serves me correctly. But still - the damn door handle keeps breaking off. In order to get out of the vehicle, I have to lower the side window and reach around with my left hand to open the exterior door handle in order to exit the vehicle. Basically - its like I'm driving a 1930/1940s era pickup truck as far as that door handle goes.

Well, it sucks to be poor in America. I have to wait another 10+ years before I can start to get goodies to help me out since I am about to become a "Senior Citizen." I don't have any tataoos, but I sure am living the Poor White Trash lifestyle. Because I want to hole onto my land - and that land payment takes enough out of my paycheck that it prevents me from being able to get a apartment. Then again, I'm still dealing with my gasoline bills from 2008.

Then again, one can consider this posting to be "my rant," like that woman caller I had to deal with last week. A means to vent while I freeze this week.

NOTE TO SELF: Be careful of what I write. I returned home tonight and when I turned my heaters on - ooops, both outlets no longer work. I still have lights, but now no heat. And the lights flicker! I will have to bundle up like I did at the start of this year when I spent New Years eve and New Years Day in this thing.

NOTE TO SELF #2: Remember where the darn internal circuit breaker switches are in your RV. Found them in the back of the closet and I once again have some heat.

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