Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scramble - The Movie for RCers to have fun with

Found this in the February 2010 issue of FlyRC magazine. A live action cartoon movie with lots of rc model airplanes in it.

Listed below is the press kit from their website. By the way, its a movie for the entire family.

SCRAMBLE! is “the Rapunzel story” - in (a contemporary, generic, U. S.), high school - during the Battle of Britain (plus the Cold War). - Simple.

Teenagers see the familiar fairy tale, - with a pep-rally, which proves to be quite popular with girls in test audiences.

Aviation history fans will recognize it as a review of 20th century aerospace technological evolution (and some referenced major events).

Aviatiors, such as members of the Civil Air Patrol, will see the exciting contemporary merging of technologies (such as telepresense, Light Sport Aircraft, and electric engines).

Radio Control builders and pilots will see the movie showing rc’s development (small balsa and paper to 23 foot wingspan four engine giants, to turbine jets and on-board cameras), and its growing international popularity, respect, and potential.

Teachers, will see something very rare: a movie that inspires students to learn and models good behavior.

Parents can see it as the cautionary tale that the original “Rapunzel” was intended to be.

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