Monday, December 28, 2009

1/8th scale B1-B Project

I have been following this build thread on RC Universe in the Jets Forum for some time now. Now they have a actual website up and running (see both links below). Bob Moore and his dad do updates on RCU as well as make YouTube videos of their progress.

This baby is HUGE! It is 1/8th scale. Overall length is 214.25" with a wing span of 205.75". And it will have actual swing wings, scale like bomb bays, retracts, etc. It is made out of Blue Styrofoam. For power - actual miniature turbines in the form of four Jetcat P200s.

Quoting the website itself: The first flight will be scheduled sometime around late April 2010. The airstrip is located at Stephens County Airport in Breckenridge, TX. This will be one of many test flights before it is unveiled at Dyess Air Force Base for the 25th Anniversary of the B-1B’s delivery into operation.

Ref. RC Universe Forums>Jets> (

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