Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gun Sales Up - Murders Going Down. Duh!

Latest FBI data has slap the Gun Controllers in the face. They have long believed (and demaned that we, the general public, listened to their wise council); that more guns mean more violent crimes.

Quote: After several years of crime rates holding relatively steady, the FBI is reproting that violent crimes - including gun crimes - dropped dramatically in the first six months of 2009, with murder down 10 percent across the US as a whole.

Concurrently, the FBI reports that gun sales - especially of assault-style rifles and handguns, the two main targets of gun-control groups - are up at least 12 percent nationally since the election of President Obama, a dramatic run on guns prompted in part by so-far-unwarranted fears that Democrats in Congress and the White House will curtail gun rights and carve apart the Second Amendment.

So - this just doesn't stop the gun control freaks. They claim some allowance for possible deterrent to criminals who think twice about robbing someone. News reports lately have been consumer report types of which stores has which type of ammunition and costs per box.

Ref. Interested-Participant blog, December 23, 2009. ( image is from same site.

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