Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlie Chan Update

Well, I still need to do the eyes. But overall, the figure is coming along nicely.

But I havefinally managed to get a white suit for him. Check out the photos. Hes looking pretty good - basically a buff Charlie Chan. I still need to get a fat suit for him, but after getting this suit, I really don't see how I can pull it off but to leave the jacket unbutton.

Also, the black bowler hat that came from the 007 figure Oddjob will need to be painted white to match the suit. And I think it would be better to find a blue or even black tie. And I still need to come up with some shoes for him.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures taken this morning.

And for those of you who noticed the desktop image on my laptop in the background. Thats Dean Martin as Matt Helm from "The Silencers." Thats my next project if I can come across the head sculpt that comes close to ole Dino.

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