Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loehle Sport Parasol And Friend's Dream

My friend Ricky from Shallowater, Texas; is one happy fellow this month. Been meaning to post some of these pictures for weeks now, but life got in the way.

For years, hes been wanting to get back into full scale aviation in some fashion. He is a fellow radio control model airplane pilot like me. I myself would like to mess around with some ultralight airplanes sometime in the future. I even like the P-40 that Loehle Aircraft offers as a kit. He has about five acres of land that his house and business is setup on and in the back, he made himself a model airplane airport.
He recently did some trading and stuff and ended up as the proud owner of a Loehle Sport Parasol Aircraft. Turns out this thing while built for nearly 10 years or so I am told; it was never flown. That is until my friend Ricky got his hands on it. That red and yellow Sport Parasol is no longer a virgin!

Anyway, these are the pictures that he sent me - enjoy!

UPDATE: July 13, 2009. Ricky informed me today that his pickup truck went bellyup and thus he now has to turn around and sell the ultralight. Life really sucks for those of us at the bottom of the economy.

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Dale Robinson said...

Hey There: Sorry to hear he had to sell it -- is it still for sale by him, or somewhere? Very interested.

Dale way up in Connecticut