Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Take on New Action Hero-Gabriel Hunt

I have just finished reading the first book in a new Pulp-Action Adventure series.  And I loved it. 

Book one is:  Hunt At The Well Of Eternity (Gabriel Hunt, James Reasoner), May 2009. Cover art by Glen Orbik.

Synopsis:  The woman carrying the bloodstained flag seemed desperate for help-but it was the attack that followed that convinced Gabriel there was something here men would kill for.  And that was before he knew about the dungeon in the Mayan ruins, or the legendary secret in the rain forest of Guatemala.  

This new book series is intended to be, in my opinion, the new Indiana Jones of the 21st Century.  Supposedly written by the 'hero' himself, Gabriel Hunt. Along with assistance from "guest" authors going under the Hunt name such as James Reasoner in this first book of a planned five plus book series.   In fact, Publishers Weekly said about the Gabriel Hunt line the following, "Raises the action bar to nosebleed heights.  Pulp adventure fans will be thrilled to see the genre so smashingly resurrected."  

And add to that the cover art work by Glen Orbik - it just fits in with the Pulp Adventure look.  One could have expected to see this style on bookstore shelves back in the 1960s/70s along side of Doc Salvage, the Man of Bronze, etc.  

The pacing is quick.  You get the right amount of information when you need it to carry the story along further. It was a quick read for me.  I took it along to work hoping to be able to read it on my breaks, but Saturday, the incoming call volume to the call cent that I work at was slow for the majority of the day.  Only towards the end of my shift at 8pm did call volume start to pick up to where I was no longer able to read the book.  But in between those calls, I was able to read about three or four pages at a time.  From the time I clocked in until I clocked out, I was able to read three quarters of the book.  

James Reasoner was able to fold in some of his recent U.S. Civil War knowledge into this tale. Anyone astute enough to understand what the Well of Eternity is, that the well is also known by another-more famous name; can figure out what the main plot device is driving this story.  

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