Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The New AH-6 Littlebird

Being a collector of 1/6th scale action figures.  Century 21 Toys came out with their version of the AH-6 Littlebird helicopter back when they were in the toy business (supposely, they still are. But when it comes to the Ultimate Soldier line that they put out years ago - they are now MIA).  So, whenever I see something relating to the Littlebirds, I'll stop and take a look at it.

I was cruisng through the aviation tech sites today. Aside from what Bell helicopters has come up with for their HTR system.  Boeing is twecking their Littlebirds.  Basically adding 15 inches to the cabin to create the AH-6S(for stretch) in Boeing's bid to get the Army's ARH program.  Mockups shown at the Army Aviation Association of America show in Nashville, Tenn.

AW&ST has a little bit posted on their website by Bettina Chavanne who also took the photograph that went with it.

Ref (http://aerospacedreams.blogspot.com/2009/05/bell-helicopters-hybrid-tandem-rotor.html ).
AW&ST (http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/photos/photopage.jsp?plckPhotoID=dcec84b4-3355-468e-8c02-aa635130373e&plckGalleryID=b1746a72-fce6-489c-9afe-50a1413a668b&plckGalleryID=b1746a72-fce6-489c-9afe-50a1413a668b ).

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