Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traveller Role Playing Game YouTube Vids

  I don't have any time anymore to play role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, or Traveller.  But now and then I will check out the gaming sites just to see what is happening.  I have heard that a lot of people thought of the tv series and the single follow-on movie "Serenity" the be the closest tht any Hollywood series has ever come to the feel of what Traveller is all about.  

I miss those days.  For me, painting the metal miniatures and later, building models and or "sets" for play action was great fun for me.  But now, I don't have anyone to sit down at a table with and get our bags of dice out and start rolling them.  I loved the Traveller Science Fiction role playing game.  Getting the little black books with the red or yellow strip going across the front jacket cover of the book.  Then there was the Traveller's Aid Society and the information that they contained within their covers.  

I came across FFE's (Far Future Enterprises)YouTube page where some folks have created their very own Traveller mini-movies.  Please check out the links below to see for yourself.  

Traveller Wars(  The opening to Star Wars #4 redone with Traveller spaceships.
Traveller - The Battle(  This one is very good.  You see different ships and weapons being used including the Azhanti High Lightning.
Traveller - A Quick Getaway ( The title says it all.  Enjoy watching all three.
The Wikipedia summary of what Traveller is all about. (  Image of Azhanti High Lightning off of box art for that supplement.

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MilitarySF said...

Hi. Thanks for the comments about Traveller and Firefly - I've been a Traveller fan for years (got a signed copy) and have bought three Firefly box sets, but never joined the dots to see the connection until you mentioned it!
I think the people you referred to are right, Firefly possibly is the closest in feel. And in the computer gaming arena I think it's an obvious inspiration for the classic Elite too.