Monday, June 1, 2009

Alien Reboot is given a Go Ahead by Fox

Who doesn't like the best in space horror flick series ever? ALIEN  

No I.. well, uhmmm, Alien 3; I didn't like all that much.  But aside from that.. The overall storyline dealing with the perfect killing/breeding machine ever.  And when it was (pardon the expression) mated to the Predator storyline - horror sci-fi geekdom paradise.  

So, I happend to come across this bit of news by accident.  Fox will be redoing the orignal story.  I mean, we saw what happened with the Star Trek reboot as well as the successful Battlestar Galactica storyline.

Tony Scott will be the producer of this re-telling of the original ALIEN movie tale.  There will be a new Ripley, A new Dallas, Kane, etc.  


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