Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Pictures of Sideshow Collectibles Henry Jones Sr figure

Well, here is an update on Sideshow Collectibles new action figure in the Indiana Jones line up.  Henry Jones Senior!  Expected price to be about $90.00.  But in these photographs, you can see what will be included with the figure.  I cannot wait to get this one.  

I still hope that the suitcase shown in the prototype pictures here will be more scale like and functional (i.e. it opens. And the umbrella slides in and out of the luggage straps on the suitcase.  The hat will be removable also I hope. But look at what else you get with this figure.  You also get the grail tablet, the grail diary, and the Holy Grail itself. And of course, the stand.

Marion, Sallah, and Short Round... if only Sideshow will come out with them as well...  (Heck, even Marcus Brody what the hell??  Why not.)

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