Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flash Force 255 Pictures of Mine

OK, here are some forgotten pictures that I sent in to Flash Force HQ way back when.  This was when I had the M2 Bradley APC and the OH-6 Littlebird helo from 21st Century Toys.  

The OH-6 Littlebird helicopter was photoshoped so that the camera tripod that it was sitting on was removed from the picture.  And thus, I had a "in-flight" shot of the model.

The Bradley was photographed in front of the fire department building on the ramp of the former Reese Air Force Base (now Reese Technology Center).  

Also, several years ago, the V-22 Osprey was here in Lubbock, Texas, conducting high wind stress tests.  And ironies of irony, it was one of the calmest springs that we had had in years.  Anyway, I took several pictures and since I did not have a action figure in the "official" uniform of Flash Force, I photoshoped one figure and pasted it into the real world photo of the Osprey that I took.  I was quite happy with the way that it came out.

If one will note, the title image for this blog is of my M2 Bradley and a Typhoon radio control turbine jet that my friend Les Morrow built.  Both are now sadly gone from our respective grasps.  I sold off the Bradley and Les eventually sold his Typhoon to get another jet model airplane.  Both models were photographed on the main (or center) runway out at Reese Technology Center.

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