Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flash Force 10th Anniversary

My, my how time flies by. Decided to check in on the guys and discovered a special alert message for all of us ISOC personnel - International Special Operations Command (i.e. "Flash Force"). I was the 255th person to sign up to be a member of Flash Force and hence the title to this blog was born (unknowly at the time). In the beginning, I saw this blog to be my hobby blog where I can post stuff about my G.I. Joe size action figure collecting and other hobbies like radio control model airplanes. But it has evolved into something a bit more than that now (my blog that is).

Title: Flash Force Anniversary
Date: Friday March 13, 2009

Notes: On this day in 1999, Flash Force was first established. Inspired by fans of the Command Headquarters (formerly Brigade Headquarters) website, this group has enlisted more than 300 members and has established a presence in over 12 nations. Thank you to all of you for your support over the years!

If one were to go to ( they will find a fine online organization. This is part of the introduction on the front page: Flash Force is a recreational hobby group and not affiliated with any government agency. Many of the persons, places, and situations described in group messages are fictitious and sent in support of recreational activities or online role-playing games.

I got involved with this group by following the construction updates that this website was putting out on the web back then. Seems there was this crazy guy(Teddy M. Terstegge) who wanted to build a 1/6th scale Blackhawk helicopter for himself. And he did. It was given the name "Midnight Magic" if I remember correctly. And it was so cool looking. I loved following along with the updates that he maded back then. It was not a radio control model - just a static model good for posing for photos with. Most of the other members of Flash Force purchased the OH-6 Littlebird helicopter put out by 21st Century Toys.

Hasbro, 21st Century Toys, Dragon Action Figures, and other companies produced a lot of amazing toys for children and the 1/6th scale collector in the past 12 years. With the high costs of oil lately, the bigger items like a true 1/6th scale M2 Bradley APC for example, just became too expensive for folks to buy anymore. I just loved going to Toys R Us to see the action figure aisle and be amazed at what was being offered.

(Pictures: The top picture is of my control tower model that I set up at the 3rd Annual T-38 Jet Rally and this photo appeared on the front page of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. This would have been back in August of 2001 or 2002 I think). The bottom one is by Teddy M. Terstegge who photoshop his "Midnight Magic" into this flying scene.

UPDATE:  With some much needed rest, I've gone back in search of the weblink for the Blackhawk helicopter project and found it.  I ahve added that link to the Reference section below.  I also rediscovered some pictures that I had created and sent in to Flash Force headquarters and that I have downloaded and will display them in a followup posting soon.

Ref. Flash Force Main Website (

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