Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time for a New Job!

Was at work last night and spotted this on Then later, on Yahoo. Here is the Yahoo link for the article ( Sun, fun, work on a beautiful island in Australia for 6 months and get paid to be that island caretaker for $100,000.00 US. Too bad the website to actually apply for that job doesn't work ( I keep getting the "Page cannot be display." error message. Man, I got to keep trying though.

Hamilton Island, one of the many islands in the Great Barrier Reef. From the pictures I have seen on the net, it would be a great place to work and live. This is a part of Australia tourism board promotion. Open to anybody on the planet. Eleven finalists will be choosen and flown there. Then the winner keeps the rest of the world informed about what he or she is doing through a webblog. I think that I will try to find the link to this blog when it does launch and post it in my blog links here.

Bad news (for me) is that I would need to upload a video of myself to take part in the contest according to Geek-News.Net ( ). Here is the YouTube link as well ( ).

EDIT (January 16, 2009): Been day dreaming about this idea job at work last night. I even started drawing out a storyboard for my 60 second video that is part of the application requirements. Also, I began to think about all the other little details that will ahve to be tended to in order to go forward with this. Such as getting a passport number one!

But then, other mundane items as making payment arrangements for the five acres that I inherited from my father. Fix up some basic form letters to send out to credit card companies, etc. Just adding this for food for thought.

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