Monday, January 19, 2009

Pledge to Obama - People Don't Remember Their History!

Something else from Flopping Aces. But instead of a funny cartoon, this is more serious, even scary.

It seems that there is this video on MySpace for the Hollywood types to pledge their support for Barack H. Obama. However, the way the video was done, the -for a lack of a better phase, the propaganda artwork that makes you think of the communist style artwork of the 20th century. It is scary.

Anyway, this is what I posted in the comments section to that article. You need to check it out for yourselves. They pray that what few Republicans are still left in Washington D.C. somehow grow some backbones (and some brass balls too) real quick.

Oath of the German Soldier Poster (translated into English). After view the Pledge to Obama Video, it shocked me to the core. I had to do a web search and found this website ( You will have to scroll down to find it.

The poster depicts six German soldiers wearing Nazi helmets and long uniform overcoats, with their right hands raised swearing their oath to their Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler. In the upper right corner are the German words to the soldier’s oath which translate as follows:

“I swear by God this sacred oath that I will obey without question the F├╝hrer of the German Reich and people, to Adolf Hitler, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and that I am prepared as a brave soldier to lay my life on the line at any time for this oath.”

Now replace Fuhrer with words like “President”, or his name “Barack H. Obama.” And we now see the direction our country is heading in (the United Socialist States of America). I am 49 years old. I did not live through World War Two. But I DO REMEMBER MY HISTORY!

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