Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dumb Thumbs and the Outlook on Life

Today was one of those days that a person can just enjoy living through the experience. Had the day off so was able to sleep in late. I now have TWO jobs, a full time one and a part time one. I much rather prefer to have just a single job, but for the short term, its a must. I need to raise capital for improvements to my property in order to start living full time in my RV by April of 2009. But, I am getting sidetracked here.

Lunch time found me dropping by the local hobby shop (Wings & Things) where I sold off my radio control models and equipment too last year. I had recently discovered a instruction booklet that one of the radios that I had sold to the owner and turned it over to him. Then sat around in the back of the shop with him and several other members of the local flying club (Wings Miniature Aircraft Society) remembering a fellow club member who had recently passed away in an untimely manner. Ed Deaver will be missed. He was into the big 3D IMAC and pattern airplanes and he was nationally recognized too.

While there, fellow club member Steve spoke with me. I was going on about what life had done to me recently and he stopped me and let me know that I really didn't have to give up the hobby(RC flying). And he is right. And, I haven't given UP the DESIRE to fly model airplanes. I still want to. When you are good at flying model airplanes, you're "Smooth on the Sticks." When you screw up, you "Dumb Thumb It(the model airplane)." In his own way, Steve was telling me that I was dumb thumbing it by not setting time aside to relax a bit. What I didn't tell him was that I had a new outlet for such feelings and emotions - drawing now. Something else too - that no matter what, I still had friends in the hobby who care about me and how I was doing.

How can one NOT feel better after hearing some words of encouragement like that.

Well now, after that, it was over to the mother-in-laws house of a fellow Star Trek club member and where our club(the USS Lone Star) parks it full size shuttlecraft replica. Today was to be a work day - and only I and David where the only ones there to remove the Christmas lights from the hull that were put in place for last December's Christmas theme parade "Lights on 34th Street" in Lubbock, Texas. The shuttlecraft also needs some repairs done to it's roof and we talked about how to go about doing that when the club could come up with the money for new plywood. Plus a winch for the heavy rear boarding ramp that is needed. And funds for the Plexiglas's front window. And a new paint job, etc, etc, etc.

To cap off the day, it was over to Freeworld Burritos for the weekly Sketchclub meeting. And there were a whole bunch of new faces there. Maybe nothing really important happened to me today, but it was a pleasure to experience the day anyway. And that's the important thing to take away from this posting.
(Attached picture was taken back in November 2008).

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