Monday, January 12, 2009

First Night in the New Homestead (Motor home)

Well, due to events beyond my control, I had to move into my unheated motor home about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Sleeping in a parka, sleeping bag and three quilts, I made it through a cold night in the RV that got down as low as 27 degrees inside temperature.

Once the door to the motor home was opened up to the bright light of mid-morning, the temperature rose quickly into the forties.

This was in due part to having to move out of a rental mobile home that I have been living in for the past two months when the main circuit breaker tripped and almost caught on fire. So – after bumming a room from a fellow Star Trek (Starfleet) buddy of mine, last night, I had to camp out in the RV when no other rooms opened up for me.

I managed to get by by having covered up the roof vents and taping them over with trash bags to try and keep any heat in the vehicle. Since the motor home has some missing toolbox lids in the under carriage, it still got cold in the interior, but it was manageable. Open up the cur tents in the daytime and let in the solar heating.

Why post this information? Survival Tactics and Information. Anyone who is about to go through the same problems that I have been going through might benefit before they lose their own house(and electricity, water, sewer, heating, etc).

EDIT: (Second Night in RV)-
Even colder than the first night. I had almost lost hope about what was I going to do when one of my friends in Starfleet took me into their home for the rest of this week (the Carey's). The replacement part for the single-wide mobile home that I was staying in will not arrive in Lubbock, Texas, until Friday at the earliest and Saturday at the latest.

I tried to get a extentsion on my credit card so that I could purchase a internal, propane powered (a Mr. Heater "Portable Buddy" that Wal Mart carried in stock for $75.87. The cans of propane that would be good for one nights use was $2.37 each or $4.66 for a two pack). I could have purchased the heater, but I am so close to my limit that I would not have been able to get the propane to power it. So, that was out of the question. I did however, put ducktape on the windows on both sides of the RV to cut down on the amount of draft that got around the frames. But, there is lots of work to be done on the RV to make it heat tight such as replace a missing equipment hatch on the left side and repair that compartment's floor. That was where most of the cold air was seeping into the RV was coming from while I spent my two night there.

But, getting that heater in February will be one of my goals. Even though I stil do not have that RV hook up to electric yet, getting that heater will help bridge the gap between my current homelessness and making that RV my home for this year.

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