Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Meeting of Indys - Photo

Hasbro version on the left, Sideshow Collectible on the right. And a certain book as a backdrop.

OK, Hasbro Indy with the fedora glued to the head and the Sideshow Collectibles Indiana Jones with the fedora molded to the head as well. At least with the Sideshow version, you get an extra head minus the fedora. You get the other fedora which, get this now; has a silk lining on the inside of it! Plus you get extra hands with or without gloves.

The Hasbro version has a work lever action so that Indy and use his whip. Clothing pre-stained to give that 'In the middle of an adventure look.” Figure on the right is for collectors, figure on the left is first and foremost, to be played with by kids. Thus, it is much cheaper than the one of the right.

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