Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Breakup of the United States in 2010?

Some folks may have heard about this Russian professor Igor Panarin who is predicting the eventual breakup of the United States of America due to economic pressures, etc. I won't restate what is covered in the Wall Street Journal article (here is the link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123051100709638419.html . The image is re-posted without WSJ permission, but is fully credited to them.

It makes for a very interesting reading. The way his map looks, it looks like most of Dixie will indeed rise again in a new Texas Confederacy??? Being born and raised in Texas, I have always thought that if ever a time comes around for Texas to be its own country again, it will take place in the 21st century. The ways and means of how this takes place is always due to the citizens of Texas being put into position of protecting what it truely means to be an American. Of maintaing the concept of responsibity, or protecting the very concepts of free market enterprise and liberty. This sudden turn towards socialism and a command driven economy scares me. And the next decade will be a tough one.
I am also wondering if we will truely be able to stick together long enough to get back to the moon and eventually to Mars.

UPDATE (March 04, 2009):  Hes at it again, Igor Panarin.  China and Russia will pick up the reins of power once the good ole USA has bitten the dust, etc, etc, etc.  Heres the latest news link for your review ( http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D96N3GCG0&show_article=1 ).


monicasharp said...

This guy doesn't understand the demographics of the United States at all. There is NO WAY China will be able to control Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and No. California. he clearly does not understand the people who reside there. This is the wild, wild west who will not accept gook control. The Mexicans already control southern California and this will not change. The sad part is that it will degrade into a shit hole of Mexican filth as is most of Mexico.

Shanksow said...

Thankyou monicasharp for both visiting and posting your comments here.

That area will become a Mad Max wonderland if we're not careful.