Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What If McCain Pulls Off a Upset Victory?

Seeing that Presidential candidate Barack Obama is already planning his victory lap and seeing some of his supporters up close and personal at work, I thought I would post this to my blog before the election. Just some thoughts of mine as to the possible reasons that John McCain might still be able to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat.

The Mainstream News Media (and the polling companies that they use) for this election cycle gave up all pretense that they were impartial, providing the American public with balance news reporting. Therefore, I would count this as the American public voting more against the News Media (and thus their agent in the form of Barack Obama) for a McCain upset victory. The irony with this is that it was the Washington/Georgetown elites, the RHINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and members of the news media set up the template to sway Republican voters to go with McCain. And true to their true shelfs, once he was firmly established as the Republican nominee, the news media, the pundit class began tearing him down since by this time, the elites had decided on Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton to be their choice in this horse race.

The Politico had a interesting article entitled (Why McCain is getting hosed in the press.” Written by Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris. Check it out here ( ). And this isn't the only news out there. What about that WFTV news anchor Barbara West who got in trouble with the DNC by daring to ask vice presidential candidate Joe Biden some really tough questions for once, instead of the usual softball ones. Daring to ask him how Obama's spreading the wealth scheme isn't the same as Karl Marx's spreading the wealth scheme - otherwise known as communism. Check out that news article on the Orlando Sentinel webpage (,0,5063691,print.story ).

My second theory that I will offer is that usually, when the rest of the planet wants a particular candidate to win the US elections (Barack Obama this time around), Americans will usually vote for the other guy. Basically giving the rest of the planet the “One Finger Salute.” And usually, its the democrat that the planet wants running the USA than a republican. Those pesky republicans actually believe in their silly constitution and in keeping their word and stuff like that.

My third theory for a McCain upset victory is that he is the underdog. Americans historically love the underdog. Going by a chart that was posted on the Drudge Report, Obama barely goes above 52 percent and for the past several weeks, is below the 50 percent dividing line. McCain has manage to move into the margin of error in almost every poll that is out there. Quoting John McCain from his speech in Hershey, PA on October 28, 2008; “Nothing is inevitable here. We never give up. And we never quit.” ( ).

My fourth and final theory is Barack Obama tripped himself when responding to Joe (the Plumber) Wurzelbacher's question about Obama's tax plan. “Spreading the Wealth Around.” while it sounds nice is really nothing more than class warfare in my opinion. While the DNC is doing damage control over this answer, other parts of that political party began checking into Joe's background and presented the following information: Wurzelbacher is unlicensed plumber right now and he has some unpaid back taxes. And with them spreading this information around to damage the “messenger,” so to speak; is it any wonder that now Joe Wurzelbacher has come out to endorsed John McCain.

Early voting is up all over the country I understand from a news spot off the radio. I have already voted. The last quoted figure that I heard for Lubbock country is that 40,000 people have already voted. So, my vote is in there somewhere.

Well, this is what I have come up with less than a week to go now until the November 4th elections. I cast this blog article out into the internet ether like a message in a bottle. Time will truly tell what the outcome will be. Its the waiting that we all hate to go through.

UPDATE - October 30, 2008: Found the following article "Accuracy of Polls a Question In Itself' " by Michael Abramowitz for the Washington Post that I thought should be linked to my article here ( ).

UPDATE - November 3, 2008: Latest results from Lubbock, Texas early voting were announched today. The final number of early voters was 69,910. Just 90 short of a even 70,000. Lubbock County Officals orignally thought that only about 50,000 wouldbe voting early.

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