Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hasbro's Indiana Jones 12" Action Figures

Considering what I have been posting in my own blog for the past few weeks, it was long past due that I create a article relating to one of my hobbies - collecting action figures.

I am a BIG Indiana Jones fan. I make no bones about that. I'm not sorry for that bad pun either...

I also collect the classic size G.I. Joe type action figures (i.e. the 12 inch or to state it another way, the 1/6th scale action figures). When the latest Indiana Jones flick came out this year ( Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ), Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles, and Medicom Toy released their figures. I still want to pick up the Sideshow figure, but at on average, $80.00 per figure, is a bit hard to justified buying one. Medicom Toys are really proud of their versions of Indy and his father Henry Jones Sr at a whopping $149.00 each! However, Hasbro released their own Indiana Jones figures in the small 4 inch size (approx 1/18th scale) and the classic 1/6th scale.

They release Two Indiana Jones figures. The first one was of Indiana Jones with his leather jacket, removable fedora, and a working jaw that makes the figure look like a fat Harrison Ford. The other Indy figure, for some UNKNOWN reason, has the fedora either GLUED or MOLDED onto the much better Harrison Ford likeness. Other figures included Indy's son "Mutt" Williams, a German Officer, and the black robed swordsman from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Its understandable that Hasbro will only release that with which they think that they can make some money with, but could they NOT HAVE come out with Shalla? How about Marion? What about Indy's World War Two buddy Mac? That is a problem for us collectors and customizers, they come out with only the basics and for the figures that we really want - nothing. What about the bad guys? Belloq, Donovan, Mac, and some others. Sideshow is coming out with Belloq in 2009 at least.

Anyway, Cool Toy Review interviewed a Hasbro Representative and part of that interview was posted on Basically, Hasbro has indicated that it will NOT continue this (12" figure) line past the holidays(2008). One of the cool things about these figures is the scale Ark one could order after collecting 4 figures.

Also reported on is news of a new Indiana Jones novel that will be coming out in May 2009. Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead. It will be a post World War Two adventure with fame triple agent George "Mac" McHale. They will be going up against Nazis, Japanese, and black magic welding Voodoo priests on the island of Haiti.

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