Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stargate 12-inch Action Figures: Dr. Daniel Jackson

Earlier in 2008, Previews magazine, which is operated by Diamond; began showing off and accepting pre-orders for a new line of Stargate SG-1 action figures. The ad that I saw focus on Michael Shanks' Dr. Daniel Jackson.

And since we both share the same last name – I had to get this figure. And this will be my review of this figure. First off, its distributed by Diamond Select Toys ( ). I got a little discount on the figure since I had pre-ordered it so the final price came out to less than $35.00 bucks. Regular retail price for this figure is $39.99. (photo is from their website).

Doctor Daniel Jackson is a typical 12-inch tall action figure. This one being sculpted by Bill Mancuso. The figure itself has 26 points of articulation. The face sculpt is of an “older” Daniel Jackson from later in the series.

He is wearing typical green fatigues with the Stargate patches on both shoulders. His glasses appear to be glued onto the head above the ears. There might be some pegs that go into holes there and the glasses just plugs right into them. The boots have actual boot strings laced on them.

Now as for the goodies that come with the figure. Replicator spider! And the Ancients' “splatter gun” or whatever it is actually called. The one that shuts down the replicator's processors and the hive chips just fall where they may when zapped by this gun. Daniel also has the Zat pistol and a regular .45 cal 1911 A1 style automatic pistol, but no holster to put it in. Both pistols have no working parts to them such as a removable magazine or the zat pistol expanding up from its 'stored' position. And finally, a standard issue radio.

On the back of the box are two other figures. Colonel's Jack O'Neil and Cameron Mitchell.

First off – I'm happy to have a Shanks family namesake in 1/6th scale. My disappointments with this figure are as follows. No boonie hat or O.D. green due rag which Daniel wears from time to time out in the field. The next item is no P-90 submachine gun. Thankfully, Century 21 Toys had a package of military weapons carded that was on sale at various Wal-Marts. So I picked up a several and they are in my spare parts box whenever I need to use them.

I am looking forward to seeing the other two figures when I can afford to get them and I hope that Diamond will add additional Stargate SG-1 action figures to the 12” line.

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