Monday, December 13, 2010

Starfleet Bridge Bunnies Drawing

A little something something that my friend Syd gave me over this past weekend (which happened to be my 51st birthday!). In both ink and in color. This is the link to his gallery on ( So please take the time and visit his website.

There I am in the Captain's chair of my own starship. Surrounded by lovely ladies (aka Bridge Bunnies. A term taken from a different sci-fi universe known as Macross/Robotech). The expression "Its good to be Captain." comes to mind.

My friend Syd has made some great character drawings of me in the past. In fact, I used one of his Robotech drawings with me in the cockpit of a veritech fighter as the header for my other blog: Aerospace,Technology, Paranormal, and UFO News (

I also have a deviant-art website ( if you would like to take a look at some of my own meager artwork over there.

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