Thursday, December 2, 2010

Demise of My F-6F Hellcat Model

It only lasted for four flights.

It was a small, made out of foam; scale model of the US. Navy's F-6F Hellcat from World War Two. It was a gift from several radio control modelers that I know trying to get me back into the hobby again. Electric power, four channels (throttle, rudder, aileron, and elevator) for control. I never got around to putting any numbers on the fuselage side (like that shown with the accompanying photograph here), just the "star and bars" on the wings and fuse.

The first three flights were really little hops. The speed controller kept over heating and shutting the system down. The resulting crash landings were repairable. The last flight with a different battery acted like it went suddenly tail heavy. Two minutes later with the Hellcat looping all over the sky finally impacted the earth and the foam wing exploded and the fuselage crushed up like a beer can.

Only thing now is to salvage what parts I can from the wreck. Wait until I can save up enough money for a new model - and do it all over again.

The thing about RC model airplanes is that you cannot be afraid to crash them. Your goal is to "put" off the crash for as long as one can get away with. Sometimes, it happens on the very first flight. Then sometimes, after ten years of faithful service, you sell the model to somebody else; and they crash it on their first flight.

Thats just part of the hobby I guess.