Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bosnian Pyramids

Recently, Dr. Sam Osmanagich appeared on Coast to Coast AM radio program to talk about his discovery of what is being called the Bosnian Pyramids. He even went so far to write a book; The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

This term has been applied to a collection of natural geological formations near the town of Visoko, which is northwest of Sarajevo.

Now, going by what was posted in Wikipedia, scientists still state that there are no pyramids there. Calling such claims as a "Cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public."

The 700 foot tall hill known as Visocica hill is refer to by Dr. Sam Osmanagich as the "Pyramid of the Sun", and two nearby hills, identified from satellite and aerial photography, as the "Pyramid of the Moon" and the "Pyramid of the (Bosnian) Dragon." Plus another two, one of which is named the "Pyramid of the Earth", have been mentioned in Osmanagich's reports). Geologists point out that the "pyramid" forms that Osmanagich are pointing out are natural. In the U.S., such formations are referred to as 'flatirons.' There are hundreds of them in the US, and in Russia, China, etc.

Quoting the Wekipedia article: On 8 May 2006, members of the Geological team investigating Visočica on behalf of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation held a press conference in Tuzla to present the results of their research. The academics, from the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the University of Tuzla and led by Professor Dr. Vrabac, concluded that the hill is a natural geological formation, made of clastic sediments of layered composition and varying thickness, and that its shape is a consequence of endodynamical and exodynamical processes in the post-Miocene era.

According to Professor Vrabac, who specializes in paleogeology, there are dozens of similar morphological formations in the Sarajevo-Zenica mining basin alone. The Geological team report on Visocica, based on the data collected in six drill holes at 3 to 17 metre depths, is supported by the Research and Teaching Council of the Faculty of Mining and Geology, as well as the Association of Geologists of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. end quote.

What is the real meaning of this discovery of Dr. Osmanagich, is what it means for prehistory. These pyramids are much bigger and older than the Pyramids of Giza and may date back to about 32,000 BC which per dates every human made structure on the planet by about 27,000 years.

But, Dr. Sam Osmanagich has a lot of "baggage" to overcome. I am quoting a article from the smithsonian magazine (online) here: His views of world history—described in his books published in Bosnia—are unconventional. In The World of the Maya, which was reprinted in English in the United States, he writes that "Mayan hieroglyphics tell us that their ancestors came from the Pleiades....first arriving at Atlantis where they created an advanced civilization." He speculates that when a 26,000-year cycle of the Maya calendar is completed in 2012, humankind might be raised to a higher level by vibrations that will "overcome the age of darkness which has been oppressing us." In another work, Alternative History, he argues that Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders escaped to a secret underground base in Antarctica from which they did battle with Adm. Richard Byrd's 1946 Antarctic expedition.

"His books are filled with these kinds of stories," says journalist Vuk Bacanovic, one of Osmanagich's few identifiable critics in the Sarajevo press corps. "It's like a religion based on corrupted New Age ideology." end quote.

Anyway, the reader can check out the links below or Google the Bosnian Pyramids for many articles on this subject.

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Anonymous said...

They are definitely pyramids there, this has been confirmed even by the teams from Egypt, the work they have done in Bosnia is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

It is funny to see how quick people are to dismiss unknown new discoveries. When we thought the world was flat or the sun revolved around us, new thoughts were dismissed and even hated. Pyramids are all over the world and people had technologies that we can't imagine today because we are so distracted by our cell phones and touch screen gadgets. If we applied our knowledge to further humankind's abilities to use our brain, we would be more open minded and could accomplish a great deal more in the material and psychological worlds.

Oliver said...

You're an idiot. Your comment clearly tells us you're someone who is committed to New Age pseudoscience views of the world and intentionally ignore what proven evidence based methods tell us about our history and naure of our universe. "Its funny to hear you" talk about anti-science nuts from Galileo's times denying the heliocentric model when those people are YOU...denyingg today's science and archeology conclusions.

Anonymous said...

The Smithsonian is not interested in revealing the truth about our past, because they never favored difusionism, in fact they are guilty of hiding/destroying artifacts, tombs and ruins, they are keeping us in the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if there are pyramides! only because there wasnt doug up enough, to proof any evidence! but so far they have discovered things, witch are leading to other clues! there is somthing , but just because it is covered by dirt and earth and looks like a pyramide , it dosent have to be a pyramide! it could be some kind of a huge city with was higher in the centre or so? but it could be a pyramide there! if i had the money and the time , i'd be there digging and triyng to find out more!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to comment on anything, except that April 10th anonymous: If you want people to believe you, please, for the love of god— try spell check and a few grammer classes.

Anonymous said...

it's Osmanagic and not Osmanagich
why the f#!en 'h'.

Unknown said...

Looking at the internal structures with it's columns and carvings I can't bet my balls that it's a natural formation. The proof he is providing is very overwhelming. There are many theories and that's all they are but the proof that they are pyramids is without a doubt irrefutable. Suck it up princess