Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 20th - Draw Mohammed Day!

After decades of threats from the Muslim world to the Western world. Decades of kidnapping and murder. This past decade has seen, since the start of the War on Terrorism, beheading of citizens from the west.

Then some stupid little cartoon show was the trigger for this massive back lashed against those islamofascist and their 10th century tunnel vision of how the entire planet should bow down to them.

A simple protest. Just draw Mohammad! May 20, 2010; has been designated as the world wide protest day against those barbarians who say their religion is one of peace, but their actions towards those who are not members of same religion shows that it is not. Their interpretation of Islam adhered to by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups of that faith; there is no separation from the political or the religious mindset. The two are intertwined and the Caliphate is a state based on Islamic law. Their goal is for the entire planet to fall into this world wide Caliphate. I say NO to this plan!

Personally, I'm not one for protests. But on a gut level, this seems right to me. So, this is my 'Mohammad' drawing. Done on a tiny sketchcard with markers for coloring. What we don't see is the suicide belt under his t-shirt, but the message on the shirt takes care of that.

Who knows, maybe May 20th will become a day from now on, for non-Muslims to give voice to their outrage at what these al-Qaeda types want to do with all of us.

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