Thursday, May 6, 2010

Electric B-17F ARF kit

Discovered this jewel from Jet Tech Models. This model is 1/16th scale. It is a 78" wingspan model of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle. A mere $578.98. Why oh why am I poor!

Sadly, I do not have the money for it. This post is really just a online bookmark for me to return to later to drool over it.

Here are some more details of the model if you are interested in getting one.

This electric model airplane has the fuselage, nacelles and cowling made out of fiberglass. Wings are of balsa and plywood. PVC canopy, ball turret, tail and top turrets. Resin model of cockpit with pilots and machne guns for the airplane are painted. Wing is a 2 piece job for easy transport and storage. Split flap just like the full scale B-17. Four 3-bladed props are included. Air retract system also is included. Decals also are inluded.

Whats NOT included and is needed in order to fly (i.e non of this stuff is included in the kit). A
6-8 CH radio system, 4 x 1000KV 280W motors, with 4 x 30A ESC. You will need also 2 x 11.1V 5000mah 25C lipo batteries, 1 x 4.8V NICD/NIMH receiver battery that typicaly comes with most standard radios. And 4 x standard servos and 5 mini servos (Not included).

Wingspan is again 78 inches and the fuselage is 63 inches long. Flying weight is about 190 oz.

Once upon a time, I use to have a old Royal Kits B-17F that I had to sell. But it would have been of the same size (78" wingspan).

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