Thursday, May 27, 2010

G.I. Joes and Radio Control Model Airplanes - And a 1/6th Movie

Its amazing how two seperate items or events can come together in ones mind for a single thought.

Recently, I rediscovered some old photographs of a radio control model airplane event down in Midland/Odessa, Texas that my father took me to. This was back in the mid-1970s.

While there, I saw a Dave Platt FW-190-D9 that was large enough to hold one of my old G.I. Joes(about 1/6th scale). This was the event in my life where I connected these two separate hobbies into one. Actual photo is attached here. That is a T-28 Trojan from the same kit manufacture in the background.

Then there was this posting on RC Universe about someone who wants to make a 1/6th scale WAR film and I thought that was pretty cool -

WAR! 1/6 EPIC FILM is the EPIC STORY of WWII as told with the use 1/6 Scale Models. Creator Jack Yang of L.A. CALIFORNIA has been collecting 1/6 WWII ERA MILITARY MODELS for 10yrs and is now recruiting more participants to help bring his vision to reality with the use of all 1/6 WWII MODELS.

We are looking for participants willing to use their 1/6 scale WWII FIGURES, VEHICLES, AIRCRAFT , DIORAMAs and more to help produce this one of a kind EPIC FILM!
Jack Yang has all the film & production equipment, elaborate models and more to begin filming this summer... what he is lacking are more participants to operate their own WWII ERA 1/6 tanks, jeeps, AFV's , R/C AIRCRAFT , etc allowing greater range and scope of filming to be possible.

WAR! 1/6 EPIC FILM YAHOO GROUP is looking for A FEW GOOD MODELERS excited to utilize their models alongside JACK's to produce a great film... SO if you have ever wanted to see your model(s) in HIGH DEF in the most realistic setting and film possible this is your chance of a lifetime!

PLEASE NOTE this is for WWII ERA 1/6 SCALE only... if you have a 1/5 or 1/7 those models will also work , just keeping to the WW II THEME IS MOST IMPORTANT. Filming will take place in the greater L.A., CALIFORNIA area but willing to travel to you if you have a group of modelers that want to be filmed and are sufficient in # to make travel and filming out of state a worthwhile endeavor. Please post with this group if you want to be considered.

"WE WANT YOU" so join the group today @


RCU Link

I decided to send off the info below to the people who are doing the movie.

1. Kampfgruppe Von ABT Website (

2. G.I. Joe Collections (

3. LSSR (Lone Star Scale Raiders) (

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