Friday, April 2, 2010

Robotech Overload

Well, for the past month, I have been going through Robotech/Macross overload. It is almost over with with the arrival of my latest purchase from The Art of Robotech. The Shadow Chronicles by Tommy Yune and a forward by Carl Macek. $19.95 for the soft cover edition. BEAUTIFUL color artwork throughout the book.

Beginning at the end of February, I was watching the original Robotech series online thru YouTube. Eventually, I wised up to go out to the garage and dig around in the storage boxes for my original DVDs and began watching the final epsiodes of Robotech Macross, skipped the Southern Cross, and jump to Robotech The New Generation and re-re-re-watching the DVD that this art book references. I have also view copies of Macross Frontier and like that very much even though there was no English translation.

In this book, I finally know what the SDF-3 really looks like under the fake Robotech Masters concoon shell that people know about from the aborted Robotech Sentinels series. Robotech Sentinels was converted into a movie using the first few epsiodes of that series. We do get to see the wedding of Rick Hunter to Lisa Hayes.

As an aside, I would like to take a few moments to wish upon a star for a real life, flesh and blood Lisa Hayes/Hunter to come into my life. A real woman who's character is so much like the anime one. And thats something that will come out in comic book form currently entitled the Prequel to the Shadow Chronicles. Admiral (now-before, he was a general) Rick Hunter has a facial scar from some incident in the last 20 years of story time. And his hair has gone grey. In fact, the way the characters keep referring to him, he is pretty much the President of Humanity in exile from Earth. His wife Lisa stepped down from her post and is now a diplomat. Being an emissary to the other races once subjugated by the Robotech Masters from the planet Tirol.

My love for Lisa however is offset by my lust for the robot Janice M2 (Junctioned Artificial Neuro-Integrated Cybernetic Entity). Then again, Janice's voice is none other than that of actress Chase Masterson of Star Trek Deep Space Nine fame - so that can explain the attraction right there. You see Janice's eyes above the title of the artbook.

I am hyper over the idea that there might be another Robotech Shadow Chronicles series movie in the works. And whenever enough funding comes in, they may actually produce it and fans like me can be happy once again.

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