Thursday, April 8, 2010

More UFO-The Movie Updates

What got me thinking about the UFO-The Movie again was a little post on a forum dealing with action figures. Basically, it said the following - Hot Toys Acquires License to Eon Production's NEW "UFO" The FILM. They'll be producing the line of 1/6 Action Figures based on Gerry Anderson's classic sci-fi series. But the original poster didn't include a link to that news. I'm waiting on them to respond and when they do, I'll update this posting with the actual news link.

Here are some links relating (sort of) to the new UFO movie that is set to come out next year. Basically rehashing what everybody else has been saying. I particularly like the MWC Toys posting about the Gay Ellis action figure. Especially the last picture at the bottom with her being in an embrace with an Alien!

Forbidden Planet seems to be saying that this movie will be the start of a trilogy! Cool! shows off the new UFO logo and more pictures of Lt. Ellis! runs info and updates on this movie and other projects.

Of course, there is the official UFO movie webpage.

1. Captain Toy-Michael's Review of the Week. Product Enterprise Lt. Gay Ellis. (

2. Forbidden Matthew Gratzner discusses the new 'UFO' movie Trilogy (

3. New site up for Matthew Gratzner's UFO. (


5. UFO-the (

6. Flash 255 Bunker. February 8, 2010. Just a link back to my original posting on this subject.(

UPDATE: April 10, 2010: False alarm, April Fools Joke on me regarding the Hot Toys announcement.

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tamirisc said...

Loved UFO, wished it had lasted longer.

It was just getting interesting when it was cancled.

Gerry Anderson, was always ahead of the time with his effects too.

Will be most interested in seeing this come to life.