Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Websites and Blogs Added to My Lists

Some great Defense Information related blogs that I have recently discovered.  I am posting them here for future reference.

1.  Information Dissemination - Navy related.  (http://informationdissemination.blogspot.com/).

2. The U.S. Naval Institute website.  I'm ashamed to have forgotten all about them in my blog list and will correct that oversite now.  Until recently, I had a membership with them and loved reading the monthly Naval Proceedings magazines. Also, the books that they put out are top rate.  (http://www.usni.org/).

3.  Aviation Week & Space Technology (http://www.aviationweek.com).

4.  China Defense Blog.  This is a blog covering recent Chinese defense matters.  (http://china-defense.blogspot.com/).

5.  China-Defense website.  Covers the Army, Navy, and Air Froces of the PRC. (www.china-defense.com).

6.  Russian Navy Blog (http://redbannernorthernfleet.blogspot.com/ ).  

7.  HG's World Blog.  A History and Commentary site. (http://hgworld.blogspot.com/).

8.  Ricks Foreign Policy Blog. ( http://ricks.foreignpolicy.com/ )

9. World Wide War Pigs.  (http://worldwidewarpigs.blogspot.com/)

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Jim Dolbow said...

Thanks for adding the USNI blog to your list! Hopefully, you will re-join as a member too! Thanks again! Jim