Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dean Martin as Matt Helm, James Coburn as Derek Flint - Those were the days!

Lets get back to having some fun shall we?  

I'll let other blogs cover the Tax Day/Tea Party Revolt for April 15th.  

Surfing the internet last night, I was in a Matt Helm/Dean Martin mood.  And I came across this blog where PVMan created his own Dean Martin/Matt Helm action figure.  Check out the link below to see it and the photographs.  Finding this has made me want to have my own Dean Martin/Matt Helm action figure.  

And by reading that original article by PVMan, we know that Sideshow will not be interested in doing this figure (or even James Coburn as Derek Flint).  I remembered that there was a German figure that bore a very close resembilance to the actor James Coburn.  But I was never able to get that one.  I would still like to get one nevertheless.

I am a big fan of author Donald Hamilton.  After many years, I finally managed to gather together ALL the printed novels into my collection.  Mr. Hamilton's son is still trying to shop the final Matt Helm novel - but no one is buying which is a shame.  I WANT TO READ THAT FINAL NOVEL!  While the Dean Martin movies only barrowed the character names and the titles to the novels -everything else was made up and in no way even came close to the actual novel, if those stories were made into movies today, I think they would be much better - not so campy.  There would still be some tension as to if the character will save the day or not.  


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