Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stargate SG-1 Colonel Jack O'Neill 12-inch Action Figure

Well, purely by chance, I was at a local Hastings store when I spotted the Colonel Jack O'Neill 12-inch tall action figure. (Please see my review of Dr. Daniel Jackson from the same Stargate SG-1 line). I left the store the first time without buying the figure, went home and when it came supper time, decided to go back out and after dinner, go back by that same Hastings and bought that figure. It was selling for $39.99.

The face sculpts are good. This one of Richard Dean Anderson looks like it was made using photos from season 4 or 5 there abouts. The clothing is the same as per the Daniel Jackson figure.

The accessories with Colonel O'Neill are different. One is that Colonel Jack O'Neill DOES have a P-90 included in the boxed set! And a standard canteen without any belt to hook it onto (I might add). A "Zat" gun (aka Zat'Nik'Tel). The same type of walkie-talkie radio that is in the Daniel Jackson set. But the best news of all is that with the O'Neill figure; you get a GDO, or "Garage Door Opener" worn by off world personal that can send a coded signal back thru a open Stargate to Stargate Command to open up the iris to allow for the teams to return to earth.

I also want to put in a word for a great magazine. STARGATE, The Official Magazine. The current issue (#25, Nov/Dec 2008) has a special section dealing with the passing of a great actor, Don S. Davis who died this year. He will be sorely missed. He played roles on such shows as the X-Files as Scully's father (Captain William Scully). Major Garland Biggs in Twin Peaks. Don S. Davis had a 20 year acting career. But his best remembered role will be that of two-star General George Hammond. Commander of Stargate Command.

As a personal choice - I would love it if they did a General George Hammond action figure in his U.S. Air Force class B uniform (that is the short sleeve, open collar light blue shirt and blue trousers). I'll settle for the class A uniform (which is the long sleeve light blue shirt with dark blue tie and button jacket and round service hat), but I think it would be nice for that to happen.

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