Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama's Civilian National Security Force!?

There was a article posted by Herschel Smith on November1, 2008 over on the Captains Journal blog ( ) about a new proposal put out by Senator Barack Obama that has me FLOORED!

Obama wants to give to the Department of State its OWN military force?! Called the Civilian National Security Force (CNSF). Quoting Obama, “Just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well funded.” To a non-Obama kool-aid drinker like myself, the State Department will have its own air force, navy, army, coast guard, marines? IS there something else that is wrong with the Department of Defense that we don't know about? (i.e USAF air-tanker snafu procurement process to to name one example).

Who the hell does Senator Obama think he is? COBRA Commander?! (and for you non-action figure collectors out there in the studio audience, COBRA Commander is the fictional leader of the terrorist organization that Hasbro came up with for their small size (3.75 inch size G.I. Joe action figure line back in the 1980s) and that which is going through a new relaunch currently. There is even a G.I. Joe movie in the works now based on this toy line).

Is the good senator going to re-activate closed bases all across the country for this new military force? The current defense budget is a half trillion dollars. So the USA will spend an ADDITIONAL half trillion to build up a new military force in the middle of a recession?

Maybe he does want to start a Second US Civil War and to be fair, the opposition side that he wants to fund needs to be brought up to par with the US Defense Forces before the bell rings on round one. Its puzzling to me why he and McCain can agree on keeping the shuttle flying until Project Orion is declare operational – but stuff like this CNSF comes out that makes me question what Senator is likely to be like if he does indeed wins the election. Sometimes, it is downright scary.

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