Sunday, September 8, 2013

Star Trek: Attack Wing (From 50mm Game Room)

50mm Game Room: Star Trek: Attack Wing: I feel like we need to get back to more posts about miniatures. Although this post is not 100% about miniatures it is a step in the right di...

So begins a blog post about a new tabletop or board game that is Star Trek related.  Some friends of mine in our local Star Trek fan club (U.S.S. Lonestar - a member of Starfleet International) introduced Star Trek Attack Wing to me yesterday and I had fun with it. It will be something that I will start buying between now and Christmas 2013.  Below are some pictures that I took with my cellphone camera of our first introduction game.  But I suggest the reader check out this 50mm Game Room blog post.  In it, they have "expanded" the scale of the miniatures for special events.  Like paying a game at a Sci-Fi convention (or so it appears to me).

I was playing the Klingon D-7 with General Martock(spelling?) in command.  Remember, he was the one-eye Klingon shown on Deep Space 9 as part of the Fleet fighting against the Dominion.

A Galaxy class starship which is part of the basic set.

Some of the Romulan ships.

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