Saturday, September 14, 2013

Liberty Institute News: Football Analyst Fired for Expressing Traditionall...

Liberty Institute News: Football Analyst Fired for Expressing Traditionall...: IN THE PUBLIC ARENA After just one week on the job, popular college football analyst Craig James was fired from FOX Sports Southwest over ...

DISCLAIMER:  As far as Craig James's political career goes, I am glad he was defeated.  I voted for Ted Cruz and I am happy with my choice so far as of this date.  However; this article by Liberty Institute News over the firing of Mr. Craig James is very disturbing on so many levels.  Fox Sports was (I now have to put that in past tense) a good network along with their 'hard' news division.

OPINION:  As someone who has not had a working TV in months and no cable or satellite service for years (basically since 2008 - or the length of the Obama administration) -  there is a certain freedom that one can enjoy life again.  I look at my friends and others who are still connected to the boob tube and shake my head.  Then again, like a drug, one can have relapses.  I just purchased a old CTV that I can get local broadcast TV signals on again after being without a working TV for almost three months.  I still want to get one of these 1080p, flat panel, 32" HDTVs that I see on display at Wal-Mart or Best Buy.  But the prices for these units are still outside my price range.

But, getting back to what has happened to Mr. James broadcast career.  I say sue the pants off of Fox Sports and get some revenge man.  What they did to you is just wrong.  And if they can do it to someone of his social stature, they ANYBODY else can be treated the very same way and that is UN-American in my view.

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