Sunday, December 23, 2012

Across the Joeverse: USS FLAGG 2.0

Across the Joeverse: USS FLAGG 2.0: The GI JOE USS FLAGG is the largest playset known to all toys.  Its simplicity and excessive 1980s style all in one fell swoop.

I have found myself thinking about G.I. Joe action figures and play sets this Christmas season.  I used to have the original USS Flagg carrier back in the 1980s.  I ended up giving it away to a friend's young son since I was moving and had no place to store such a huge set.

I still focus mainly on the 1/6th scale stuff, but a friend has started to do some test filming using Power Team Elite action figures and vehicles.  I let him used my UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter for one of his filming tests and I liked the result.  I even have purchased from Big Lots this date, the Chinese Zhi-9 (Z-9) army utility helicopter (it is a license-built version of the Aérospatiale (now Eurocopter) AS 365N Dauphin II.

While sitting at the local MacDonalds to use their free Wi-Fi, I decided to do some websearches on various items including on the above mentioned USS Flagg.  On the Joeverse blog, I found his August 13, 2011 entry and linked that posting to here.

The next step (for me that is), is to carry this sickness to the next level and make it a FULLY functional (boat) model that can be radio control or let someone ride on their back under a quick release flight deck - under manual control.

And just for the record, a model of the USS Nimitiz would be about 65 feet in length.

1.  Across the Joeverse blog.  August 13, 2011. ( ).  image from that site.
2.  image of Power Team Elite toys such as the Zhi-9/AS 365N Dauphin II (

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