Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter

Ok, so a TV show about the moon being 'blasted' out of earth orbit to somehow travel 'faster-than-light' every week in fits and starts is a weird concept. But the special effects department did wonders for that program and as such - Space: 1999 is still remembered fondly to this date.

I loved the mechanical workhorse of Moonbase Alpha, the Eagle Transporter. Aside from the illogical ability for it to be able to 'survive' re-entry into a planetary atmosphere, the spacecraft is very functional and would make a great basis for a real-life spacecraft.

The front end of the spacecraft is the nosecone that can serve as a re-entry survival capsule. It is attached to a long service module with a main propulsion module attached on the opposite end from the nose cone. To each side of the service module are two pods that contain the reaction control jets and landing gear. Space is provided in the middle of the service module for different payload modules. From passenger, freight, research, (and weapons modules if we are logical), etc modules that can be switched out pretty quickly.

I was wanting to post some images are of some of the die-cast models that came out a few years ago and are now out of production. But blogger was having a problem while I was editing this article. Oh well. While taking a look online, the prices for them are climbing past the $100 mark. (Just looked in my wallet and I just have to cry!).

Images: Top photo is of the Eagle from the Space: 1999 TV program. Second image is of a concept artwork for the possible return to the moon program (once known as Constellation). This artwork was a real early version of what might be possible. One can just see the influence of the Eagle that might one day actually show up in real flight hardware.

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tamirisc said...

Loved Space 1999, have the boxed set.

I always loved the Eagle, and just presumed that it had some advanced tyle or material that allowed it to fly from atmosphere to space.

The design is to this day, way ahead of its' time and truly an amazing design.

Then again Space 1999 was ahead of its' time too. Would love to see an updated version of this series, although it would be hard seeing anyone but Martin Landau and Barbara Bain in the leads.