Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caribou Barbie (Sarah Palin) Music Video

A funny Ray Stevens music video about Sarah Palin. All you Palin haters - sorry, you are not going to like it. Everybody else however - who know what the concept of a sense of humor is, WILL enjoy watching it!

Caribou Barbie, here she comes for 2012!

UPDATE: I have tried going into the html code for the above video and reduce it to 280 x 245 as was suggested. I kept getting blogger error messages about html code errors. So, just click on the video and view it on YouTube.


ACcountryFan said...

thanks for uploading the video...but you will have to edit your post and re-size the video's measurements because the video's cut off and we can't see the full image. On my blog site I have the video's measurement at 280 x 245. It's easy to change the URL measurements from the You Tube pre-set height and width to a smaller one so it'll fit on your page.

ACcountryFan said...

If you decide to edit the video's size, within the embed code you'll have to erase the measurements at the start and at the end of the embed code and then replace them with small measurements.